Yana Natallia Novik
Vampire – Reaper

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 434 (July 22)
- 5'6"
- Black Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes (Gold Eyes)
- Psychologist / Investor in Southwest Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


• Yana likes to maintain control in all degrees of her life. She spends a lot of time on grooming herself, you won't find her in sweat pants.
• Wears a lot of neutral colors, business attire on the weekdays for work purposes. Jeans can be acceptable - novelty t-shirts? Perish the thought.
• A rather bad case of resting bitch face, she only really bothers to fight against it when on the clock.
• The weekends, fashion-wise, consist almost entirely of black and white clothing - an equal measure of leather and lace.
• Winged eyeliner every day, of course.

About Me

Ability Description





• Born the eldest of five, and one of three that survived to adulthood in the unforgiving chill of Belarus.
• Raised poor, lived poor - learned from an early age to survive and adapt. Calculatingly cruel to her siblings, took on a pragmatic approach to all of her problems with little concern about the wellbeing of anyone else.
• That same skillset secured her passage on a ship headed to America in 1603 when she was only seventeen.
• Arrived in America half dead and emaciated, struggled her way through Virginia.
• Life was touch and go, work grueling and ill-prepared for the changes in life. And while she would sooner step outside at mid-day than admit it now, death was imminent.
• Bitten and turned one evening when making even rounds, under careful mentor guidance, ate like a goddamn queen in the decades that followed.


• In a world of fear and suspicion, traveled often and did not make many attachments - kept close with her sire and a small group of vampires.
• Settled for some time in Salem with her kin, the beauty of laying out in plain sight.
• Grew tired of old-world European thinking, started to test the waters with her peers in 1705. Made a friend, started to scheme with aforementioned friend - took over Salem with one Jarvis Reed.
• Much to her own surprise, the co-ownership goes smoothly for a number of years. There are disagreements of course, but none end in bloodshed.
• Suspicion ebbs, she grows comfortable - too comfortable, decides to make her exit gracefully.
• Keeps in touch with her former co-leader on and off, settles along both coasts throughout the decades.
• As times change and opportunities open up for a single woman, her livelihood turns from taking the valuables and money off the corpses she leaves in her wake to something with a little more thought.
• Quitely manipulates business practices, subtly influences tides in favor of where she stores her money,
• Attends Wesleyan in 1842, finds she's quite interested in academic pursuit.
• Spends the next few centuries amassing degree's from time to time to ease the blur of years.
• Most recently left a coven in Las Vegas (a gaudy, terribly cheap place that it is) and has settled in the affluent heights of southwest Portland with her own psychiatry practice (with hours catering to all patients, of course).


Face Claim: Segovia Amil