Evalyn Rosica Dimitriou
Vampire – Reaper

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 759 (Aug 3)
- 4'11"
- Black Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes (Dark Purple Eyes)
- Carmine Hunter in Southwest Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


• No tattoos or piercings, finds them to be regrettable - particularly in the face of forever.
• Wears almost exclusively black, doesn't pay much mind to fashion outside of what she needs to do to keep from sticking out like a sore thumb.
• Minimal makeup in general. Rarely any sort of lipstick, never any sort of complex eyeshadow look.

About Me

Ability Description





• Born under the name Evdokiya (but good luck getting her to tell you that) during the summer of 1261 to a peasant family in Silistra during the heart of the Second Bulgarian Empire. The eldest of four children and one of two that survived long enough to see adulthood.
• Had a quiet albeit hardworking childhood, mother died when she's eight during childbirth - takes on the brunt of the upkeep at home.
• Father is closely involved in the army that rose to help bring Ivaylo into a position of power.
• Marries late in life for the time at twenty, accompanies her new husband to Preslav where they live uneventfully throughout years of short-lived rulers and decline.
• Husband is lured from their home by a strange couple calling from outside their door late one night in 1289, subsequently dies quickly and violently. The unfamiliar woman is the last clear cut picture before she comes to without a pulse.


• Frightened and now a damned creature that goes against all she believes and has been raised to value, she follows her sire back North to Moldova.
• Spends over one hundred years traveling with an often times at odds gaggle of vampires with ties to the Golden Horde.
• During this period, learns how to survive, how to defend herself.
• Towards the end of her time with the clutch, the often volatile disagreements turn even more heated and violent - a rapid decline takes hold as allegiances divide.
• Executes a plan and slips away dangerously late onto the night during a trip to Lithuania, breaks away from the group without a word of goodbye to anyone in 1479.


• Spends the next fifty years living the rogue life in various parts of Lithuania, never staying in any one place for too long, has a few close calls with various hunters along the way.
• During this time, makes a living for herself by anonymously turning beggars and peasants and then returning to provide warm bodies and blood at an exuberant fee to those who survive the transition.
• Starts the arduous trek to Poland in 1532 as relationships with Lithuania start to turn at least somewhat pleasant.


• Spends nearly thirty years in and around Poland. During this time she skirts any sight or sound of a vampire group, a bad taste still in her mouth from how the first dissolved.
• Has a few close calls with devote believers, stops the hustle of turning vampires to come back to sell to them when people start whispering about monsters in the streets.
• Does a very short-lived stint of time in Hungary following Poland, quickly moves into life in Austria without much fuss during the chaos with the arrival of the Ottomans in the 1560s.
• Spends over a century in and around the confines of Austria.


• Plagued with wanderlust, boredom, and loyalty that only extends to her own well-being switches sides during the War of Spanish Succession and accompanies a small group of vampires through the (then) Spanish Netherlands.
• Keeps traveling, reckless in the freedoom of movement and oftentimes sloppy and violent in her feedings during this time.
• Ends up tucked away in a small and quiet corner of what was then France in the 1670s.
• Considers moving to more populated pastures during the middle of the 1780s, quite grateful she doesn't as revolution comes to France.
• Moves just outside of Paris in 1804, adopts the name Evalyn. Stays there and joins a group of vampires based in the city proper for the next several decades.


• Moves stateside in 1896, a taxing and challenging trip spent hidden below deck and siphoning blood and wiping memories. Arrives in Boston, Massachusetts and makes a note to self to never travel cross-continent again.
• Travels and hugs the east coast in the process, settles in Jacksonville in 1897 where trouble hits big time.
• Falls back on old tricks and rediscovers a knack for harvesting blood for friends and more during the Great Depression.
• Gets cocky, falls into a Carmine laid trap and is quickly caught during one of her drop offs. An ultimatum is given to her: Use centuries of skills to hunt your own kind, or die.
• Self-preservation is a speciality.
• Adds many a body to her count, makes enemies with a number of groups of vampires and individuals. A pariah in Carmine, ostracized from her own kind.


• Fresh from a recent move from Santa Fe and to a new headquarters in Portland, finds the management and the weather to be lacking.
• A case load, a whole building of new faces, a patience tried now for decades and decades.


Face Claim: Alina Phillips