Ezra Halabi

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Ezra Halabi

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 34 (May 12)
- 5'9"
- Black Hair
- Blue Eyes
- Scientist in Northwest Portland
- Lives in Northwest Portland


  • Short, slight, and soft – doesn’t eat much, but doesn’t do enough to warrant considerable muscle or tone
  • Prominent, hooded, often bloodshot eyes speak to sleepless nights and too much time spent without blinking
  • Details matter: very particular about his weekly haircut
  • Expensive, quality taste; partial to skilled tailoring, high-end materials, and timeless patterns
  • Would rather die than be caught underdressed
  • Edges are blurred by restless, frenzied energy – always moving, constantly fidgeting

About Me




  • A late-in-life baby raised in the opulence of New York City’s Upper East Side, Ezra is, like most other things underneath his parents’ multi-million-dollar roof, regarded as a pet project throughout his formative years
  • In a community were the deification of children is a given, purposeful enrichment is everywhere; choosing the right nursery school is a decision that has just as much weight as picking the best Ivy college
  • The line between child and adult blurs in a world where band practice is as cutthroat as business meetings, and as a result, Ezra is quick to mirror those who pave his way - those who owe their hyperactive perfectionism to a thinned prescription pad, and who regard underperformance as a curable disorder
  • An AP Scholar starting freshman year, a place cemented on the honor roll… President’s Award, National Merit Award, first place in the schoolwide Science Fair four years in a row – oh, but that’s merely preparation for the Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology from the University of California, Berkeley; the Master’s in Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics; the Ph.D. from MIT in Biochemical Engineering
  • Fuck, he’s exhausted
  • He can’t relax, he deserves to have fun, what’s the harm in using an extra boost if it’s there—
  • Snorting cocaine on the subway, in restaurant bathrooms, while in the elevator on the way up to visit Mom and Dad…it’s not all that different from Adderall in the library or before an exam, and he did that just as much as every other nerd in the place
  • It's okay as long as he's not fucking everything up, and 'fucking everything up' doesn't seem to look like being offered more than $200,000 signing bonus from private investors to stay in LA, to join a tightly-knit research team utilizing methods not unlike the CRISP/Cas9 gene-editing technique for the benefit of a decidedly shady, celebrity go-to fertility clinic specializing in designer babies
  • The newest A-list bundle of joy? He fucking made that
  • It's morally questionable work (to some), but it's a good paycheck and Ezra exists in grayscale – selectively deaf to whispers/shouts/screams of eugenics
  • Besides, it's not just that he's good at that sort of shit - he's interested in it
  • After all, who doesn't like to play God?
  • He’s comfortable, he’s getting high more often than not (fuck you, it’s great for focus), but that perfect life, perfect job, perfect payout crumbles all away when the occasional habit settles into constant routine
  • And while the City of Angels seems more lenient than most, it’s tolerance lessens considerably when you manage to piss off the wrong clients
  • Out of a job, Ezra finds himself chased out of California
  • He settles in Portland, not quite ready to return to NYC, and finding its dreary atmosphere to match his mood nicely
  • Maybe he’ll teach, maybe he’ll open some hipster brewery – he doesn’t fucking know


Face Claim: Rami Malek