Moira Renshaw

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Moira Elizabeth Renshaw

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 35 (May 15)
- 5'3"
- Platinum Blonde dyed Silver Hair
- Light Blue Eyes
- Carmine - Valkyrie - Herja in Northwest Portland
- Lives in North Portland


◈ Highly tattooed, almost every inch from the neck down. Mostly elegant jewelry, sometimes kill signs.
◈ Black leather. All leather, all the time
◈ Heels. Even when she's going to slog through mud, chasing after something.
◈ Never leaves the house without mascara and a red lip.
◈ Gold septum ring.
◈ Casual/Athletic attire clothes are usually also black.

About Me


↑ Shrewd, Deliberate, Forbearing
↓ Ruthless, Brazen, Secretive
→ Impersonal, Authoritarian, Smooth


The eldest girl born to the Lancaster, PA Renshaws, Moira, was the shepherd of her younger sisters Kenna and Emilia from a very young age. In their community, the care of one's family was the most critical lesson any proper Amish girl could learn. Having never known any other life, Moira was an obedient daughter. Their parents were pious and kind, raising their children to be the same.

Before her and her older bother's official Rumspringa, a pair of deadly creatures descended on their small town and killed a dozen people, the youngest Renshaw sisters among them. All mourned, and the community took special precautions against the possibility of future attacks. The Renshaws, however, mourned the loss of all their children, as Knox and Moira learned to hate, and left the community, never to return.

The horror of that night would continue to haunt the siblings for many years. Shunned by the family for their refusal to rejoin the church, Moira and Knox began a transformation from reclusive zealots to efficient killers.

Their initial vow of vengeance would go unfulfilled as they were never able to locate their sisters' murderers. Becoming an assassin-for-hire in her late teens hardened Moira, the warmth of childhood replaced by the chill of the greater world.

When initially approached by Carmine, Moira leaped at the chance to join forces with such an ancient order. Here they learned the truth of the supernatural creatures and the identities of their sisters' killers–Reapers. Years have passed, though, and she continues to wade through bureaucracy, corruption, and hypocrisy. Knox bowed out two years ago, citing 'irreconcilable differences' and disappeared. Moira received no straight answer from her employers nor heard any word from her brother regarding his whereabouts. .

Despite ill will, Moira remains a contract killer for Carmine, but the taste sours.


Face Claim: Ryan Ashley

◈ 18lb Maine Coon - Grey - HERCULES