Ingvar Vinterholt

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Ingvar Axel Vinterholt
Shifter – Wolf – Bitten

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 50 (Nov 4)
- 5'11"
- Mostly Grey, some Brown Hair
- Light Blue Eyes (Purple Eyes)
- Landlord & Real Easte Investor in Northeast Portland
- Lives in Northeast Portland


● Heavily grey hair kept in a stylish fade – short on sides, left long on top.
● Can't decide if he actually likes facial hair or not, switches it up often.
● Stylish – loves a tailored suit and a tie.
● Still wears one of his wedding bands. Can't remember which wedding it's from.
● Casual clothes still seem formal? Never below business casual.
● Sleeps naked. Knows you're curious

About Me

Ability Description

>Tundra Wolf<
● Mostly white, dusted with grey around the ruff, legs, belly, and tail
● Big boi.


↑ Pragmatic, Self-Sufficient, Reliable
↓ Cynical, Jaded, Condescending
→ Even-Tempered, Lusty, Workaholic


● Born in NYC to Norwegian immigrants. Father was an investment banker, Mother generally stay-at-home until the children were all in school, then got her nursing degree.
● First of five, each more or less two years apart (Sigrid, Johan, Anders, Frida)
● Shepherd of his siblings from a very young age.
● Spent summers in the country at his grandparents' house. Worked on their dairy farm, learned to ride horses, chop wood, etc. Learned that work ethic is sometimes better than intent.
● Attended private schools in the city, all of his siblings eventually attended.

● Ivy League boy through-and-through. Harvard, pre-med.
● Graduated but never became a doctor. Everyone was quite disappointed.
● Took a job for a developer in the city, mostly as an errand boy, but the position took an exciting turn when he married an heiress.

Nadine (1990-1996)
● A beautiful, rich, idiot. No prenup.
● Her parents didn't like him, but the money was there. They spent it madly and found themselves thrust into high society.
● Ingvar found himself rubbing shoulders with people who had more cash than the man upstairs.
● Bought a small apartment building on the Upper East Side without any of her cash.
● They fell apart shortly after–she cited adultery, but couldn't prove it.
● Ingvar left with a quarter of her fortune.

Adrienne (1998-2001)
● Went to Paris for a year after the divorce, happy to sit on his investments for a while, sipping Schnapps in the Alps.
● Met a waitress near the end of his stay, but stayed wary after his first experiment of 'undying love.'
● Adrienne was generous, kind, and had a talent with animals.
● They traveled Europe and married on a yacht in the Mediterranean.
● Ingvar returned to the city after September 11th, 2001, helping his business–and his city–in a time of crisis.
● Word came from across the Atlantic.
● Adrienne was dead.

Rebecca (2004-2009)
● Rebecca was a rebound.
● Worse, she knew it, but she needed an American husband.
● Ingvar spent most of his time buying and selling property in the city, opening a new business in Chicago in late 2008.
● Ingvar spent less and less of his time in NYC, and more of it abroad/around the U.S., minding investments for several of his wealthy friends.
● She had her citizenship, and left one night, completing the divorce proceedings by proxy.
● Ingvar has no idea where she is.

Ester (2010-2012)
● Was a shifter.
● She married Ingvar for his money shortly after Rebecca left. There was definitely a prenup
● One night during the week of the full moon, she shifted in the house, having not escaped in time. Wild, she attacked him. The bite healed in a few days, and Ingvar–weight of his education behind him–demanded an explanation. She confessed.
● They separated, and Ingvar never forgave her.
● This divorce was quiet and quick.

The Time Since (2012-present)
● Ingvar sold his properties and business, taking the money and feeding a bit of back into the market, telling himself he was helping economic recovery.
● He moved around every few years, getting his real estate license in every new state.
● Coping with his beast took time, and he spent it on cliffs in the Rockies, roaming deserts in the southwest, snowy tundra in northern Canada & eastern Alaska, and eventually to the rainy shores of the Columbia River.


Face Claim: Viggo Mortensen

2020 - Black - Mercedes Benz G-Class