Giovanna Cavallo

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Giovanna Mirella Leoni Cavallo
Vampire – Striga

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 277 (Jan 2)
- 5'2"
- Platinum Blonde Hair
- Light Green Eyes (Pink Eyes)
- Tech Headhunter in Northwest Portland
- Lives in Northwest Portland


● Dressing down has no meaning to her.
● Loves an extravagant hat, even though she only goes out at night
● Jewel tones only. Boring colors need not apply. Black goes with everything.
● Only ear piercings.
● Hair care is important, even when you're dead.

About Me

Ability Description


⇑ Tactical, Methodical, Confident
⇓ Arrogant, Argumentative, Sharp-tongued, Somewhat Contrary
⇔ Fast, Mostly Self-Aware, Well-Trained


House Leoni monopolized the horse breeding and training market in Tuscany in the mid-18th century; they were known associates with the Cavallo family hailing from outside of Venice. Though not among the most notable families of the age, their collective wealth was a matter of course. All of Italy’s noble families wanted Cavallo-Leoni stock for their stables.

Buried deep in family culture—not shared with outsiders—was a pact whose exact origins were often a point of debate at reunions. The Leonis were Lynx shifters and the Cavallos, the witches who made sure mothers could carry children to term. The relationship was equally beneficial to each family—it served to ensure secrecy and guaranteed protection for all parties.

Giovanna was born in 1743 and learned the horse trade with the rest of her siblings. At 18, she married the horse master of a noble family in Venice—a Cavallo, as was tradition. Every ten years, a Cavallo man would be turned to keep the Leoni bloodline from diluting. They had the benefit of marrying other witches, often offering considerable sums to the families of marriageable daughters with complementary powers.

Two shifter children and six years later, Giovanna’s husband perished on the road from Venice to Tuscany when attacked by highwaymen. Leaving her small children with her in-laws, Giovanna took to the road with her brothers-in-law to search for their lost stock.

While camping on the road, the party was set upon by…things — hungry things. Giovanna and Vinicio escaped slaughter by leaving their brothers behind. In Tuscany, Vinicio took to drink and fell in with the city’s thieves. Giovanna, disgusted with her brother-in-law’s weakness, approached a local rogue to avenge her family’s massacre. She offered herself as payment, not fully grasping what that meant.

Bruno held his little court underground. He was a Striga–a monster from legend. As he drained her body of blood, he kindly explained that his kind could only enjoy the blood of animals and that of shapeshifters. While his cousins, the Reapers, could only enjoy human blood. She shifted during this process, and the cat tried to take control. As she lay on the brink of death, he fed her his blood.

He buried her limp lynx body in the cellar of his underground court, where she remained until the next full moon, rising as his progeny.

She and Bruno employed the assistance of his court, but they could not find the deadly Reapers who had slain her husband and his brothers. Bruno swore they were not among those allied to him. They did find several vampire corpses and the silver weapons to end a Leoni Lynx. Enraged at her defeat, Giovanna convinced Bruno to move his household to Rome. The farther she traveled from home (and mortality), the more comfortable she felt about the loss of her family.

Giovanna and Bruno operated various wine houses outside the Papal States for over a century. After Italian troops ended the 1000 year reign of the Catholic Church, Bruno and Giovanna finally left Italy, bound for the United States.

In New York City, they struggled for some time before falling in with some of the local vampires. This group was integral in bringing about the Gilded Age of the city after the Civil War, providing funding for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Opera, and establishing Little Italy.

Maker and progeny drifted apart after the turn of the 20th century. Bruno stayed among the New York City vampires, and Giovanna began a pilgrimage around the country. She existed quietly through the 20s, Prohibition, and the Depression in the western states, subsisting on the plentiful offerings of the Rocky Mountains.

During the Second World War, Giovanna became a ‘Rosie,’ working by night on bombers in Long Beach, California. Here, she sired her first and only progeny. She continued her education throughout the Civil Rights Era, developing a keen interest in technology. She invested in Apple and IBM, amassed a small fortune, and began to offer her services as a headhunter for corporations across the world as Y2K hit.

Still working in the tech industry, Giovanna has made a name for herself in the United States, finding CTOs for banks, auto companies, and other big businesses. Amid an extended sabbatical in Portland, Giovanna still finds herself doing her job on an almost daily basis.


Face Claim: Stefani Germanotta