Max Shepherd

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Maximilian Bartholomew Shepherd

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 32 (Oct 1)
- 6'3”
- Black Hair
- Green Eyes
- Park Ranger in Northeast Portland
- Lives in Outskirts


• Sometimes clean-shaven, sometimes with a bit of scruff, depends on the day

• Practical wear, with lots of flannel, ranch jackets, and rugged materials

• Hats with ear flaps

• Dad bod

• Unremarkable suburban male, no body modifications

• Speaks deliberately but emotes well, will stop to think before speaking if necessary

• Carries himself with confidence, but will often keep quiet to listen to others

About Me


Principled | Lost | Dejected | Commanding | Dork


• Grew up near Portland with one younger sister and their parents, who all still live in the area.

• Always wanted to be “a commando” from a young age.

• Unremarkable childhood, parents weren’t wealthy but he never went without, and was an average student.

• Joined the United States Marine Corps straight out of high school. Deployed primarily in Ethiopia and Afghanistan as a Scout Sniper.

• His unit was attacked on patrol by an animal, who primarily targeted Shepherd. Supporting fire and Kevlar drove the beast away, and while his injuries would take him out of the field for some time it was an event the platoon was able to laugh off.

• Healed up faster than anticipated, and was returned to his unit. He escaped the FOB shortly before his first transformation, and was found later naked in the desert, claiming to have no memory. He evaded disciplinary action and his men helped to cover up the incident.

• On night patrol, his group was ambushed and cut off; Max was separated from his unit, and transformed against his will. Their attackers were killed or fled, and although many were badly injured (Max included), all Marines survived the encounter.

• Max was retired due to his injuries as a Staff Sergeant, and awarded the Silver Star.

• Returned home, Max seeks purpose in his life that once had been given to him by serving with his brothers, as well as finding how to cope with his new “condition”, which he still does not fully understand.


Face Claim: John Krasinski

• Drives a yellow 1974 Ford truck.

• Built his own house.

• Active member of the community.