Raymond Wu

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Raymond Wu
Witch – Healing

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 35 (May 15)
- 5'11"
- Black Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes (Gold Eyes)
- University Teacher in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


♠ Work attire: Black suit pants, navy shirt and black jacket accompanied by themed ties, often marvel, star wars or star trek related.

♠ Casual attire: themed hoodies, jeans, converse trainers.

♠ Often clean shaven; usually not when fatigued from having used his powers or when stressed out.

♠ May occasionally smell of cigarettes if the work week has been overly stressful.

♠ Wears Armani and Dior fragrances.

♠ Physically fit; works out frequently.

♠ Hair short and styled.

♠ Warm smile; white teeth.

About Me

Ability Description

⛥ Raymond can heal anything from minor scrapes to major burns, and fatal injuries. Raymond must be touching the individual, often in proximity to the wound itself.

⛥Able to heal head trauma and return memories; cannot reverse magically induced memory loss.

⛥ Healing takes a toll on Raymond, the more severe the injury, the longer Raymond will be in time out. The toll is considered a price paid for restoring someone to a healthy state. The toll itself varies, fatigue, lowered immune system. Using his powers frequently and in rapid succession can lead to a quick decline in health. Depending on the severity of the injury or illness, Raymond may adopt a less severe version if he practices the ability too often.

⛥ Able to transfer pain from the inflicted upon himself to ease their suffering.

⛥ Cannot cure terminal illnesses, can stave off the symptoms and offer people more time.

⛥ Unable to heal himself.

⛥ When pressed or angered, can inflict pain to those he touches, usually in the form of headaches and body aches.


♉︎ Loyal ♉︎ Generous ♉︎ Patient ♉︎ Stubborn ♉︎ Overly Protective


♡ Born and raised in Portland as a member of the Wu family, second born out of five. The family is entirely made up of Witches, both parents were enrolled as professors at the local University.

♡ Powers developed at an early age when he healed his older sisters' grazed arm after a mishap in the school playground.

♡ Ray took an interest in history from an early age while at school; an interest in supernatural lore and history developed at home. Studied hard, achieved and would move onto studying at the university with history as his major.

♡ Upon leaving the Portland university with his major, Ray moved across the pond to work at Oxford University in their history department. Ray would meet what he thought was the love of his life, married soon after. Ray would also join an old-world coven of witches that were based in Oxford.

♡ Under the pretense of discovering new artifacts, Ray was dispatched by the coven to bring home artifacts that were of importance to the supernatural community. Due to the amount of his traveling and absence from 'home', his marriage deteriorated up until he was served divorce papers upon returning home.

♡ He returned to Portland after receiving news of his parents' passing. Ray returned home to a funeral and the promise of taking up his fathers' position in the university to teach history. Ray took the position, opting to use his position in the university to aid wayward and confused supernaturals that somehow found themselves in a catholic institution, offering a class on the occult outside of his working hours.


Face Claim: Harry Shum Jr