Gideon Blythe
Witch – Empathy

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 30 (Dec 13)
- 5'11
- Brown Hair
- Blue Eyes (Light Green Eyes)
- Taxidermist in Southeast Portland
- Lives in East Portland


- Hair is never shorter than his ears.
- He cares about what he looks like and makes Choices. Whether or not all of those decisions go together in the end is hit or miss.
- Thrifts or makes all of his clothing.
- Somewhat lean, not exactly by choice.

About Me

Ability Description

Empathy: Able to recognize the emotions of others and, with effort, manipulate them to a specific mood. He is still working towards getting people to feel one specific emotion.




- Born to exceedingly normal parents. He has no siblings.
- Unlike many of their neighbors, the Blythes followed no set doctrine, seeming to pick up and hold onto scraps of dogma instead of an entire philosophy. They molded their son with the same hodge-podge ideals. Like most people in their town, however, they leaned to the Right.
- Realized at an early age after a severe illness that he could sense other people's emotions. It made highschool both more entertaining and more difficult.
- Has maintained a fascination for the macabre, pursuing it further once he reached high school. He saw beauty in rot and death and wanted others to see it too.
- The only one who did was a girl named Loretta Costas.
- His relationship with Loretta continues to be the singularly most motivating and defining feature of his life. They are comfortably co-dependent.
- He graduated without honors and they abandoned their languid Southern life, trading it for a Pacific one.


Face Claim: Andrew Hozier-Byrne