Gia Salazar

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Margarita 'Gia' Salazar
Witch – Necromancy

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 29 (Nov 2)
- 5 ft. 8
- Brown Hair
- Brown Eyes (Amber Eyes)
- Art & Antiquities Dealer/Collector in Northwest Portland
- Lives in Northwest Portland


• Keeps it clean, stylish and classy. Only high end brands and always striving for perfection.
• Her hair is naturally dark and kept long, but is tended to regularly.
• Has a few minor tattoos that are generally hidden by clothing.
• Makeup is usually fairly natural, but Gia is a lipstick kind of a girl and has an impressive collection.
• Is always wearing crystals and gold jewelry, she's never seen without it.

About Me

Ability Description

Necromancy. Starting at an early age, Gia has excelled in her power - making it possible for her to control it quite well. She's capable of summoning spirits and raising the dead, divination through contact with the deceased and resurrection. Her biggest goal right now is to find a way to cheat death, to make herself incapable of dying. However, everything comes with a price and her ability is straining and she doesn't always succeed. That some of it takes more energy and demands more ritualistic work. Its even tougher without a coven to back her up.


• ENTJ-A (assertive commander), chaotic evil alignment.
• Has this 'femme fatale' thing going on.
• Resting (witch) bitch face syndrome.
• Condescending and something of a know-it-all.
• Has a temper and has been known to get violent.
• Fiercely loyal to those close to her, once she let's them in.
• Passionate about the craft and the supernatural.
• Ambitious, driven and eager for more.


• Born and raised in Mexico City together with her older brother, Santiago. Their father, Santiago Sr., was a drug lord who ran his own cartel with the beautiful, María, by his side. A witch who was deeply religious and believed that her future children would achieve great things. Merely because she had been told so in a dream.

• Being born on the day of the dead (día de muertos) was, according to their mother, a sign and a blessing from Santa Muerte herself. That in turn put a lot of pressure on Gia from a young age. Even more so when she turned out to be a necromancer, which made her the first necromancer in the family in over 50 years.

• After that, Gia lived a rather sheltered life, her mother making sure to keep her close and homeschooling both her and her brother. In secrecy from their father, she helped them with their powers and made them part of her coven in which she was the head bitch. Over the years, her words got to Gia and she began to believe, too, that she was destined for greater things.

• She moved on to study at a local university in Mexico City when old enough, sharing an apartment with her brother in the middle of city. It was towards the end of her last year at UNI, that she got a distressing call from her mother. Telling her that something had gone wrong and that she, and her brother, had to flee. Later she found out that they had been ambushed in their family home and their parents were dead.

• The two siblings left Mexico and crossed the border into the States. Ever since then, Gia and her brother moved around for a bit and never really settled down. This before coming to Portland in the summer of 2018, where they've been ever since. Working on plotting the revenge of their parents and living up the expectations of their deceased mother.


Face Claim: Eiza Gonzalez

• Keeps a black Mexican kingsnake as a pet named Tezcatlipoca, but calls him Tezca for short.
• Owns a large, historic flat together with her brother.
• Rarely drives herself; usually she'll just order an Uber to take her wherever she needs to go.