Kenna Hendrix

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McKenna Lynn Hendrix
Shifter – Wolf – Born

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 26 (Sept 3)
- 5’4”
- Dark Brown Hair
- Brown Eyes (Amber Eyes)
- Bounty Hunter in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


+ always well-groomed
+ loves black, and other neutrals rarely wears bright colors
+ various small tattoos throughout her body
+ usually light on her make up
+ mildly fashionable
+ will never be seen in a dress
+ loves beanies

About Me

Ability Description

Black Timber wolf with intense amber eyes that border on gold


+ game for anything
+ will pick a fight just because she can
+ broody
+ selfish
+ outspoken
+ loves a challenge
+ sarcastic
+ stubborn


**Her home pack had a very controlling alpha which deviates from traditional packs. Some members were liked and treated as the elite and those disliked were gutter slime. This ostracized then from shifter society though the members stayed for reasons of their own.**

+ Born into a pack that had the lowest regard to her and her twin brother in Phoenix, AZ.
+ Her parents were the lowly mated pair on the totem pole but they always worked hard to make ends meet.
+ Being the wild card of the family, Kenna never made that easy for them. She was always getting into trouble and pushing the alpha’s boundaries. + When she was in high school, she was given an ultimatum, either fully submit and stop causing havoc or leave when she became of age.
+ Being the stubborn wolf she was (and her wolf knowing the alpha was truly weak and not worthy of leadership) , Kenna left the day after her graduation and hasn’t looked back sense.
+ Picked up a job early on as a bounty hunter and found reprieve from her animalistic instincts with boxing.
+ Has been living as a rogue alone Western coast of the US since.
+ Recently settled in Portland seeing as there were plenty of bounties to retrieve.


Face Claim: Maggie Lindemann

+ seemingly collects sunglasses
+ always has a phone in hand for a bathroom selfie
+ don’t talk to her before noon unless you have coffee or a Red Bull
+ has a decent following on Instagram from boxing videos
+ goes in the ring for fun
+ personal trainer when she’s not hunting a bounty
+ hates spiders and bugs
+ worse pet peeve is noisy eating (slurping, chewing, popping gum, etc)