Adina Marta Russo
Shifter – Black-footed Cat – Born

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 29 (Aug 23)
- 5'4"
- Black Hair
- Brown Eyes (Gold Eyes)
- Underground Sound - Owner in Northeast Portland
- Lives in East Portland


- Septum and ears pierced, so it's a whole monthly ordeal.
- Wears whatever is cheap and halfway flattering - doesn't assign or limit herself to one sort of style.
- A number of tattoos from a distant time where her bank account hit three digits, no plans for anything further. Some easier to see than others.
- Keeps her hair short, can't be assed to dye it every month.
- Defaults to a fairly serious expression rarely can be seen smiling when left to her own devices.

About Me

Ability Description

- Stocky in stature, rounded ears.
- Base coat is a red-tinted beige in color, spots and rings are a dark brown that borders on black.
- No notable markings of scars, seemingly intact.




- Grew up just outside of Denver, Colorado in the suburbs, oldest of three in a family that had enough money for maybe one. A lot of what they had growing up came from the generosity of the other shifters in the Clowder that her family was a part of.
- Got a job as soon as she could get a permit, learned to make due from an early age. Mother was a seamstress, father was a chef at a local diner - not a particularly close-knit family, spent more time with friends than anything else, got along well enough with her siblings.
- Spent a lot of time when she wasn't managing mid-line grades playing a secondhand bass in the garage and making herself scarce from the frequent chaos of home.
- Not much of a social butterfly kept close with the friends that she did make, a fairly volatile child.

- Just north of twenty-two and living in a small apartment with two other cats she grew up with, they settle just outside of Portland in Astoria.
- Despite the disapproval of her makeshift family, when she's twenty-eight hubris and restlessness have her leaving Oregon to tour in a beat up van with a group of humans she's played with for years.
- They never make it big but they open for a few mid-tier acts, have one or two solo shows on their off days between tour circuits and the like - but hiding what you are is difficult for the best shifter. So, torn, she decides to leave the band and it's ramping success when she's twenty-five.

PRESENTLY: - Makes some smart investing choices with her earnings, works two retail jobs, keeps her head down and her nose clean for the next three years.
- Just last spring in 2019, rents out a small brick storefront in the heart of the Northeast district. Keeps one or two part-time employee's, but mostly it's just her trying to keep her head afloat and offering music lessons and new and used instruments and accessories. Occasionally, if the right fit comes in, on Friday and Saturday nights she risks the noise complaints and allows up and coming locals to come in and perform.


Face Claim: Barbara Magalhaes

- Fluent in English and Spanish.
- Generally harbors no ill-will towards vampires, just wants everyone to stay in their own lane.
- Bit of a Napoleon complex when it comes to other shifters, however.