Emil Linden

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Emil Kaspar Linden
Witch – Terrakinesis

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 28 (Aug 10)
- 5'8"
- Medium Brown Hair
- Dark Brown Eyes (Green Eyes)
- Florist & Herbalist - Linden Botanicals in Southeast Portland
- Lives in Southeast Portland


◈ Always a bit dirty (face, under fingernails, arms, etc.)
◈ Wears glasses to read, drive, and read far away text.
◈ Work clothes are sturdy jeans, old button-downs, and good, expensive leather boots.
◈ Loves to clean up nice, rarely gets to.
◈ Hair is never in order. Professionally touseled.
◈ One tattoo of a four-leafed clover on left collarbone - done cheaply in college at a charity event.
◈ Loves an analog watch, has far too many than is healthy.

About Me

Ability Description

◈ Convey and receive simple ideas and feelings those members of the Kingdom Plantae.
◈ Dramatically speed the growing-cycle of Plantae, used by most as a quick-cultivation method or as a defensive maneuver.
◈ Revive dead plant matter to a live state–i.e., dried herbs, wood used for doors and furniture, etc.
◈ Identify and magically treat blight, rot, and other illnesses in Plantae.
◈ Strong aversion and weakness to fire.


↑ Honest, Practical, Dedicated
↓ Headstrong, Self-Critical, Altruistic to the point of self-negligence
→ Clumsy, Hopeless Flirt, Terrible Liar


◈ Both parents [Kaspar, Eileen] & both sisters (one older [Isolde] and one younger [Gilen]) all Terrakinetic
◈ Raised in the Midwest (Kansas) on a family-owned and operated farm–massive operation, shipped flowers and vegetables all over America.
◈ His Terrakinesis appeared young (7), and he caused several family house plants to grow to gigantic proportions, Judging by his parents' reactions, this had happened before. Clippings were taken, planted, and given as gifts or sold.
◈ Taught the value of work very early in life.
◈ Home-schooled until high school, when Emil could effectively control and conceal his ability.
◈ High school proved rough for Emil, very few friends, as cliques had been established while he was busy killing entire fields and passing out from the exertion.

Early Adulthood
◈ Academically successful enough to be accepted into the Biological Engineering program at Iowa State.
◈ College was better, surrounded by plenty of people with similar passions.
◈ Graduated with honors and moved back in with his parents.
◈ Chose not to pursue a Master's degree.

Before Portland
◈ Left home to take a job in California, working with vintners in Napa Valley for several years
◈ Fell in love
◈ Followed her to Oregon

◈ Abandoned by his lover in a temperate rain forest
◈ Pooled his savings, earnings from side hustles, and opened Linden Botanicals in Southeast Portland before the start of 2020


Face Claim: Tom Holland

◈ EH-meel
◈ Strong German roots, second generation American
◈ Conversational German, vocabulary needs work, but he can hold his own at a dinner table with visiting relatives.