Gavin Payne

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Gavin Niall Payne
Vampire – Reaper

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 376 (April 3)
- 6'1
- Brown Hair
- Blue Eyes (Gold Eyes)
- Vigilante in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


◑ Day-to-day appearence doesn't currently matter to him.
◑ Hair is chin length, keeps a goatee
◑ Casual and comfortable, pefers clothes in which he can move easily
◑ Loves a shit-kicking boot, even in summer.
◑ No tattoos or piercings

About Me

Ability Description


↑ Strong, Staunch, Quietly eager
↓ Gruff, Solemn, Somewhat Irreverent
→ Trustworthy, Silent, Better Soldier than Commander


Shortly after the British took control of Tortola in 1673, Gavin Payne entered this world to chaos. Siblings above him, and–not long after him–siblings below, and a horde of uncles, aunts, cousins, and maybe some half-siblings occupied their small slice of the world. Forever overshadowed, Gavin learned to shut up and act to be noticed at all.

The hurricane swept across the island, and the Payne clan found themselves crushed by fate from all sides. Already low, they found their faces pressed to the sand when the vampires took advantage of their weakness. Five of them perished, and the rest turned. The group was smuggled into the New World. Personally, Gavin was glad to leave the island behind. He vowed then, bloodthirsty and wet in a box in the hold of a ship, that we would never live so near an ocean again.

Fractured and turned into monsters, the family split. Gavin and two of his cousins spent time inland. They killed British soldiers during the Revolutionary War, cruel slave owners in the South, and embraced the dark, bloody nights of the Reaper. Only their kind could drink the fresh blood of killers; it was always so sweet.

America expanded. Gavin and the little group followed. They killed bandits in the West, slaughtered thieves during the Gold Rush, and returned to the South for the Civil War. Big cities came next–gangsters vanished in Chicago and Klan members in Atlanta. Mobsters died in New York all the time. What was a few more?

On they went as another century dawned. The long-suffering mission was brought to an abrupt halt when one of their number nearly died after a strike went awry. Shortly after, Hunters got to an aunt and Gavin's father. Angry and discouraged that the Payne name been struck down for the umpteenth time, Gavin's crew trooped north to hide for a time.

Here they remain until the greater world is ready once again.


Face Claim: Norman Reedus