Jaime O’Quinn

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Jaime Connor O’Quinn
Witch – Metallokinesis

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 49 (Oct 3)
- 5’10”
- Black/Silver Hair
- Blue Eyes (Silver Eyes)
- ER Surgeon in North Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


+ almost always has a five o’clock shadow.
+ either in scrubs, sweats or greased you clothes
+ occasionally wears reading glasses
+ no tattoos or piercings
+ when off duty, he always has a pocket knif in his front right pocket
+ sufficiently fit; working out is good for his overall health AKA stress-levels

About Me

Ability Description

Had the ability to manipulate metal. Often uses it during difficult bullet wounds during surgery and when he fixes antique cars on the side. Over use could could first cause migraine, loss of sight and fainting.


+ occasionally sarcastic
+ typically blunt
+ mildly comical
+ secretly helpful
+ obviously protective
+ assumingely witty


+ Born in Ireland and lived there for a short period of time before his parents and a few members of their coven migrated to America when Jaime was 9.

+ Lived in New York throughout his childhood. Found everything to be too fast paced with too many people and despised it.
+ His parents started a small coven there (mostly those who migrated with them) where Jaime learned to control his gifts and the way of blood magic.
+ Went to a university in New York and was accepted into Columbia University for medical school.
+ Accepted a local job to stay near his coven as he felt it was his duty to help protect them but their numbers were waning.
+ Push came to shove and Jaime and another young witch (call it an arranged coupling if you will) and were blessed with a baby girl when he was 25.
+ Continued to feel trapped. But when his daughters mother passed away from illness when she was 3 Jaime had few options.
+ Wanted a new life for her and packed up their bags and moved to Portland after accepting a job as an ER surgeon.



Face Claim: Eric Rutherford

+ Fun fact: His original last name was Ó Cuinn, ie descendants of Conn. It means wisdom or chief. Changed when moved to American.
+ loves commuting as it prepares him for work and allows him to leave work at home
+ has a daughter that is currently in college and still lives with him (single father)
+ likes to read if he ever had a spare moment
+ considers his heritage a gift but doesn’t talk about it
+ house
+ daughter, Siobhan O'Quinn played by Kat