Iona Payne
Vampire – Reaper

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 368 (Oct 25)
- 5'4
- Dirty blonde Hair
- Light Blue Eyes (Violet Eyes)
- Unemployed in North Portland
- Lives in North Portland


- Petite.
- Like changing her appearance to fit her mood. She'll get behind a trend as long as it's not boring.
- She got dem brows.
- Has a smattering of freckles that she doesn't like covering with makeup.
- Carries herself confidently.

About Me

Ability Description




- Grew up as one of many on a spot of land in the Atlantic, the air dense with sugar cane and shit.
- Her childhood was a deluge of invaders, storms, and violence.
- She was setting herself up for a boring life married to the man who gave her father the largest goat when she was attacked by a band of Reapers and violently turned along with a few other members of her family.
- Shipped off to the New World, she stuck by her brother and cousin through the years, giving them messes to clean and victims to silence.
- Gavin seemed determined to skew his bloodlust towards justice, but Iona wasn't so picky. Blood was blood - no matter the purity.
- This fissure of belief created a wedge that drove her to leave her family and their makeshift band of vigilantes in the 1970's.
- On her own, Iona grew less careful and spent much of her time off the rails.
- Unbeknownst to her, she was what first drew lethal attention to her family. But where she was one, there were many elsewhere. By some chagrined stroke of luck or demanded metrics, her Mother and Uncle paid the price for her mistakes.
- After a slew of fumbles, she fell into her usual habit, returning to trail after the surviving Paynes as they made their way toward Portland.


Face Claim: Alisha Nesvat