Cara Talbot

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Cara Arabella Talbot

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 30 (June 6)
- 5 ft. 8
- Dark Brown Hair
- Hazel Eyes
- Anesthesiologist in Southwest Portland
- Lives in Southwest Portland


• Dresses casually and relaxed, but knows how to dress up.
• Eyes are naturally hazel, appears more golden green in the sun.
• Hair is dark brown, but she usually adds highlights to it.
• Keeps her makeup fairly natural and fit for work.
• No piercings, except for her ears. Minor tattoos here & there.

About Me


• Sociable and outgoing, generally charming.
• Reserved when it comes to private matters.
• Doesn't trust easily, but is fiercely loyal.
• Some difficulties putting words on her feelings.
• Night owl; definitely not a morning person.
• Professional as far as the silent treatment goes.


• Born in Paris, France to French/German parents, moved to the States at age 14.
• Did well in school and decided to apply to med-school further from home.
• Ended up moving to Portland, attending Oregon Health & State University.
• Dated a couple of guys during her school years, none of them really stayed for long.
• Finally did four years of med-school, followed by four years of residency (anesthesiology).
• Looked for a roomie during her residency and found Jackie Donovan, who then became her best friend.
• Is currently working at OHSU as an anesthesiologist and still living with Jackie.


Face Claim: Phoebe Tonkin

• Shares an apartment with her BFF, Jackie Donovan.
• Reads tarot cards and always carry a deck with her.
• Trilingual: English, French & German.
• Biggest guilty pleasure: Harlequin novels.
• Can't function without coffee in the morning.