Riley Toscani

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Riley Anne Toscani

Need to Know

- She/Her
- 28 (Feb 2)
- 5’1”
- Blonde Hair
- Light Blue Eyes
- Veterinarian in Southwest Portland
- Lives in North Portland


+ Shorter than your average woman
+ Not very remarkable and easily forgettable
+ Wears little to no make up
+ Was graced with little to no curves
+ Blessed with freckles in the summer
+ Pale blue eyes that seems larger than normal
+ Thin with little muscle
+ Tends to lean toward practical attire (sweats, scrubs or jeans and a t-shirt)
+ Wears small studs in her ears
+ Has this tattoo of a sunflower underneath her right armpit

About Me


+ Loves animals and nature
+ Thrives on adventure
+ Loves to read
+ Introvert with extrovert tendencies
+ Rarely parties (aka doesn’t drink alcohol much)
+ Takes hemp drops to help with sleep and anxiety
+ Has an innocent until proven guilty outlook
+ Lives in a small, studio apartment when her pup named Tito
+ Easily startled but doesn’t like to show it


+ Born and raised in Astoria.
+ Has one older brother (5 years older) and a twin sister
+ Her parents were always away on business or some remote adventure leaving Riley and her siblings at home
+ They became dependent on one another
+ When their parents died in a plane accident, their other brother filed for legal custody so her and Estella wouldn't be put in foster care.
+ All three worked as much as they could while attending school so they could afford to get by.
+ For three years they lived in a tent at one of the many camp sites Just outside of city limits while they collected money.
+ Eventually their brother left when they were old enough to take care of themselves in search of a more fulfilling life.

Fast Forward
+ Riley eventually figured out that she had big, big dreams in life and spent her years at the local college working and taking as many classes as she could.
+ She got into Oregon State University’s veterinarian program.
+ It was rough, but eventually she graduated and got a job at the Oregon Zoo as an veterinarian.


Face Claim: Marina Laswick

+ Animal rights activist
+ Vegetarian
+ Doesn’t curse :)
+ Currently sharing a house with Raymond Wu.
+ Has a dog named Jasper.