Loretta Rosario Costas-Blythe
Witch – Telepathy

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 28 (Dec 31)
- 5'6"
- Black Hair
- Light Brown Eyes (Light Purple Eyes)
- Shop Owner (Remains to be Seen) in Southeast Portland
- Lives in East Portland


→ No tattoo's or piercings whatsoever.
→ Puts a good deal of effort in her appearance, all outings require some degree of makeup.
→ Dresses reasonably fashionable - classic as opposed to trendsetting.

About Me

Ability Description

- Able to make out the thoughts of others, the volume and clarity of which is dependent on surroundings and the extent of an emotional charge behind the idea or thought.
- Extended use can lead to debilitating migraines and blurred vision, in extreme cases even a loss of consciousness.





° Born on one run of the mill New Years Eve in the small city of Senoia, Georgia to Antoine and Maria Costas.
° Her upbringing was an unremarkable one in nearly every sense. Sundays were for church (a long standing family of devout Roman Catholics), grades were meant to be at least B's (one or two C's could be forgiven - a D was unacceptable), Tuesdays and Thursdays were for ballet and Wednesdays were Girl Scouts.
° The only girl in a family of three with traditional values, she spends a lot of time being herded and managed - it doesn't make her less mischievous, just helps her to grow more discrete.
° Spends her tweens and teens preening her friend circle - people that she can benefit from. Samantha who's family has an in-ground pool, Erica who gives relatively lavish Christmas presents to her best of friends.
° When she's fifteen she meets a boy in her ceramics class named Gideon, immediately smitten.


° Spends her later teen years glued to Gideon's hip - inseparable and frankly, sickening.
° Makes a good deal of mistakes while she learns the art of lying effectively, spirals herself down into a social hole, really.
° Parents and brothers generally dislike her choice in partner, doesn't deter her any - isolates herself, spends a little more time on her own, a little more secretive about her doings.
° Graduates the local high school with a standard diploma - no honors or special credits to her name. Has no real plan for her time, works at a small consignment boutique in the meantime.
° In secret during the summer after high school, travels a few hours from Senoia to discretely marry on somewhat of a whim. It's another two years before she finally gets her name changed.
° The fall of that same year she starts hearing voices - familiar ones ... of people right in front of her.
° Confides in her husband, within a few hours they realize precisely what she can do - opening up a whole slew of possibilities.
° It's Gideon's initial idea to use her unique skill-set for profit, market as one would a cheap palm reader and rake in on the downtrodden and desperate.
° Her family finding out about her marriage, they kick her out and cut off communication.


° Moves across country on a whim and an eagerness for a fresh start for two.
° Loretta builds a loyal clientele from her home business dealings, a word of mouth chain reaction that leads to bigger (and more profitable) clientele.
° Just this past year, opened up a storefront for oddities and the magical in the heart of southeast Portland.


Face Claim: Ana Campos

° Speaks no other languages.
° Absolutely loves cats, would have a small colony if she could.