Teresa Thorne
Witch – Age Augmentation

Need to Know

- She / Her
- 58 (Nov 25)
- 5'3"
- Dark Brown Hair
- Light Blue Eyes (Light Brown Eyes)
- Carmine - Valkyrie Lt. Colonel - Sif in Northwest Portland
- Lives in North Portland


• Every day requires a full face of makeup and some bare minimum maintenance where her hair is concerned.
• No tattoos or piercings outside of her ears (perish they'd ruin the guise of childhood should she need it).
• Has an extensive wardrobe in her less than modest flat, most articles are tailored and investment pieces over temporary buys.
• Would sooner find herself impaled than in florals unless undercover.

About Me

Ability Description

Able to adjust her appearance and physical fitness to that of any age she's lived so far - a useful skill that allows for a degree of disguise when a situation calls for it. Tess ages normally, but presently could take on the appearance of anything from a toddler to a fifty-something-year-old woman. Still, most days she sticks to a youthful and fresh twenty-one, old enough for legality purposes, young enough to be underestimated and unthreatening.




- Grew up middle class in Giverny, France to a long lineage of witches - coveted by her parents in lieu of her their only other child turning out to be a powerless dud.
- A decent student where academics were concerned, a star pupil in regards to the coven. Worked hard to hone her craft and networked as much as she could in her older adolescent years.
- A family friend and numerous small-time displays of pragmatism above all else earn her a position in France after her schooling comes to an end. It's a heavy guise to wear, the destruction of one's own kind - but quickly finds safety in the long shadow that Carmine casts.
- Works her way up the ranks over three decades of blood and sweat and a few close calls along the way. Trains religiously in light of her less than offensive ability, slowly becomes more than efficient in regards to most weapons - though archery still proves a challenge to this day.
- Travels often on Carmine's dollar: Madrid, Rome, Utrecht, a brief stint in Daegu - ends up stateside in Portland and with a cushy new office and a small selection of hunters under her control at the age of fifty-two.
- She keeps herself relatively removed from co-workers and surrounding persons, values her privacy and independence over interpersonal relationships.


Face Claim: Julia Marie

- Has every intention of applying to be bitten and turned into a vampire when her life nears a natural conclusion - little intention of giving up an ounce of power.