Nicodemus Luca Terrazzo
Witch – Pyrokinesis

Need to Know

- He/Him
- 50 (March 23)
- 6'0
- Dark brown, peppering with gray Hair
- Amber Eyes (Gold Eyes)
- Carmine General in Northwest Portland
- Lives in Northwest Portland


Nicodemus is a man of strong features with a lofty, intimidating air. He is solid and unmoving in both his stature and his beliefs. Large eyebrows frame dark eyes, his face slopping down to a crooked, prominent nose and strong chin.

Atop of his head lay a well-groomed swath of dark brown hair, though, in the more recent years, strings of silver have begun to thread their way trough his locks.

Nicodemus enjoys dressing well and will only fit his body with the best, opting for a suit more often than not, unless he's on a hunt.

About Me

Ability Description

- Can conjure and control fire. With extended use the power weakens. The more he pushes his limits the longer the recovery period needs to be.




TW: Abuse, trafficking, violence

- Born in Barcelona, Spain to a respectable family.

- Is a greedy child with bullish tendencies and frequently pushes the other kids around for personal gain.

- At ten he witnesses his first drug deal. He is caught and encouraged to become a runner instead of going to the police. He accepts.

- At fourteen he's attacked by a stray dog on the street. His power manifests for the first time, burning the animal to a crisp.

- Fascinated rather than scared, Nicodemus begins to practice in private. He makes himself more useful to the Boss, and by 17 he was their number one guy for making things, people, and messes disappear.

The Boss begins to expand, opening his horizons from drugs to weapons, women, and children. Nicodemus often oversees the runs, particularly the international ones, and settles in New York City for a time.

- Hungry for control, he works hard but starts to feel dissatisfied with his ranking in the group.

- Slowly, he begins to change opinions, turning the Boss' men against him one by one. By the time he was through no one lifts a finger when Nicodemus raises his gun.

- Now a Kingpin, he moves their operation to a less saturated market in Portland, OR.

- Consistently puts his career before his personal life, allowing it to consume him out of any chance at a steady family life.

- After so many years of rolling, easy success, he starts getting sloppy and the operation gets busted.

- Carmine intercedes on his behalf, occasionally scooping up and transitioning those from a life of organized crime. Due to his reputation, they offer him a deal -- indentured servitude. A new life and a new occupation slaughtering the supernatural.

- Nicodemus takes the deal.

- Leaning on the patriarchy of the secret organization, Nicodemus falls into a familiar grind climbing the ranks, finding he enjoys the structure, the violence, and the prestige.

- Soon he was the one giving orders. He delegates hunts, hand picks initiates and recruited initiates, and organizes the weapons trafficking to keep a steady flow of guns and ammo into the organization.


Face Claim: Javier Bardem