Half human, half animal.

General Information:
Two beings, one body. Human and beast are separate. Those that embrace the animal inside them can work towards cooperative cohabitation, but never fusion. Those that resist are torn apart.

A Shifter can be bitten or born, though the latter is rare. In order for a shifter to successfully carry a child to term, she must resist her shift for nine months. The process is maddening, painful, and more often than not, fruitless. It is also impossible to do without the help of two or more powerful witches, a coven, or by becoming a witch's familiar. If a shifter changes at any time during her pregnancy, she will lose the baby. Due to the fact that a shifter pregnancy is so trying, it is frowned upon when rogues conceive.

Children born with a beast inside them. In order for a child to be a born Shifter, both parents must be Shifters as well. A child born of a Human x Shifter cross will be Human. Born Shifters tend to grow far more powerful than bitten Shifters as they have the advantage of growing up with their beast. Those who are born Shifters run the greatest risk of losing their humanity completely and many opt for a feral life when they come of age.

Should the victim of a Shifter attack survive the ordeal, they run the chance of becoming infected themselves. Any human or witch can be bitten and turned into a Shifter.

A shifter bite is highly infectious. Unless the successful turning of your character has been pre-determined, a roll must be made. The roll can be done after the character is bitten ICly. To roll for infection please go to the dice channel in the discord and use the following form:

Infection Role
Thread Title:

  • Failure: 1-10
  • Success: 11-100

If you would like a more in-depth guide on how to use the dice in-game, please go here.

Should your character be bitten, the rapid healing of the attack site is the first tell that they’ve been infected. Infected humans may also experience heightened senses as well as quicker reflexes to go with their shortened temper. At the next full moon, they will shift for the first time, completing their transformation.

All Shifters have senses superior to that of any human, but their species plays a role in just how advanced their individual senses and skills become. For example, canine shifters tend to have better noses while most big cat species have near-perfect vision at night. Compared to other supernatural creatures, Shifters can out-muscle most, though they don't have the speed or sway over humans that Vampires do. They are naturally resistant to human diseases and heal quickly so long as their wounds aren't inflicted by silver or another supernatural. Because of this heightened vitality, the average lifespan for a Shifter is 150 years old.

Apart from being host to a wild beast, there are other challenges a Shifter must be cautious of. The act of shifting is a miserable affair. Though it might get easier and quicker with time and practice, the process of shedding one body for another is excruciatingly painful. Clothing does not transfer between forms, so if a were is not prepared they could be doing a walk of shame once they switchback.

They are particularly vulnerable to silver and can be killed from wounds inflicted with a silver weapon, provided the injury is severe enough. Any contact with silver burns and scars immediately. Should a Shifter get any sort of silver substance into their system, they must expel it quickly or they will be poisoned.

Shifters have a naturally high metabolism and must consume double the amount of calories a human needs to in order to function. Their system processes alcohol and drugs quickly, therefore it takes a greater amount of a particular substance to have any effect. Shifters can become intoxicated, though highly frowned upon in Shifter society, and doing so in a public place is a punishable offense.

Shifting Limits:
Shifting from human to bestial form, or vice versa, is a taxing process on the body. While it is possible to shift multiple times a day, exhaustion will set in after four successive transitions, making it impossible to change again until the Shifter has recuperated. Born Shifters tend to be able to handle the rigor of transitioning better than bitten Shifters, but their advantage is slim.

Tethered to the Moon:
The beast inside every shifter is innately tied to the moon. There are some that claim the origin of the species is the result of a witch's curse, though these conspiracies have never been verified.

Regardless of a Shifter's experience, they will shift once a month when the moon is full. The lunar phases affect the beast within, shortening their tempers the week before a full moon and increasing their chances of losing control.

Acceptable Species

Maned Wolf
Wild Cats

If an animal is not listed here, it will not be accepted. However please note that species variants of the above are accepted. (i.e. Grizzly Bears, Striped Hyenas, Clouded Leopards)

It is an understood common courtesy throughout the Shifter community not to harm members of your own Genus. Rebuffing this standard can result in your character gaining a reputation and being ostracized for it.

Beasts of the same species are drawn to one another, though a beast's ultimate desire to group varies based on personality. Should four members of the same species (one leader and three followers) wish to come together, a group can form.

It's a good idea for a group to have a home base but it is not required. Bases can be anything from a shared house, a business, or even a hidden bunker in the woods.

A mate is a culturally-traditional term used exclusively for two intimately bonded Shifters. Carrying a similar weight to that of a spouse, mates can only be formed through a marking ceremony. The shifters will bite one another with intent, letting their romantic bond take physical form. A Shifter’s mark will eventually fade, but the scar will always be present, even if the relationship ends.

Mates must be the same animal species, though they can be of any gender. Once the marking ceremony occurs both parties will be linked. Should one be in extreme amount of pain or duress, that Shifter’s mate will feel it.

Sensing Other Supernaturals:
Shifters: They are able to see and interact with other beasts, regardless of species.

Vampires: Shifters can sense Vampires if they are observant. Vampires don't breathe unless they are making a conscious effort to. Keyed in shifters can hear whether the person in front of them is breathing or not, giving them a clue as to who's undead. They cannot distinguish between one subspecies and the other.

Witches: They cannot sense Witches.

Spirits: They cannot sense Spirits, nor can they see or interact with them.