Life after life.

Characters of any species who die in game have the option to either be marked as deceased or as a spirit. Spirits, or ghosts in the universe of Grimoire, come with unique limitations.

Should you decide on this path for your character, they can only be seen or heard by vampires (all subspecies) and witches going forward. Characters that died and have been marked as a spirit can not harm anyone or thing. With practice and focus, they can move objects gently or touch softly - but too much force and they will immediately phase through whatever objects they interact with.

Sensing other Supernaturals:
Spirits can see every species, but they cannot differentiate between them. That said, they can only interact and be seen with Witches and Vampires. Should a Spirit want to speak with a Shifter or a Human they will need a Witch or a Vampire present to 'translate'.