Like humans, but with powers.

General Information:
Humans with innate magical abilities. Witches are born, not made, and while a witch can appear among a family of seemingly ordinary humans, the magic is always hereditary.

Witch powers have the ability to manifest two different ways. They can develop naturally, with characters coming into their power at any age, but for individuals that might have a blocked power (or just be a late bloomer) a large life change is necessary to open that power door. This can range from trauma, to a big shift in location, work, personal life, or even puberty. This allows once human characters on Grim to transition to being a Witch if they would like to, so long as this large event is played out in character.

Witches have two main branches of magic they can utilize. Each witch is born with a unique, superhuman ability. This can be anything from breathing underwater to telekinesis. In addition to this, they can also perform blood magic. Blood magic is ritualistic based magic that can only be created in a group of two or more witches. Spells, enchantments, curses, charms, and hexes are all examples of what witches can do and create in a group.

As far as magic use goes, witches fall on a general spectrum. There are those that isolate themselves and covet their own natural ability while other witches choose to ignore their ability in favor of the camaraderie and support of their coven. Then, of course, there are witches who use both.

Their blood is unique in that it is utterly toxic to vampires. Should a vampire feed on a witch, they will die before sunrise. Conversely, vampire blood happens to be the most potent and long-lasting blood to use for spells and blood magic, but witches should be wary. Their magic is far more powerful during the day than it is at night.

Possible Power Suggestions
  • Animal control (does not work on shifters)
  • Empathy
  • Healing
  • Invisibility
  • Mimicry
  • Necromancy (does not work on vampires, does work on spirits)
  • Retrocognition
  • Shadow manipulation
  • Shapeshifting (features, not species)
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Terrakinesis
  • Transmutation of objects

This is just a minor list, if you have a particular power that you would like to have for your witch, please DM staff in the Discord before applying and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

Blood Magic Rituals and Mechanics
Blood magic is a culmination of elements coming together to produce more powerful magic. Rituals require the following to be performed successfully:

  • Two or more witches
  • A verbal, gestural, or imagined incantation
  • Sacrificial blood

The blood does not have to come from a willing host, but can not be from a standard animal. Rather, blood from any supernatural species (or humans) can be used to varying levels of potency.

Covens are made up of five or more witches (at least one leader and four followers). They are powerful entities with the potential for an incredible amount of havoc or good, depending on who is at the helm. Like other groups, it is a good idea for a coven to have a base of operation, but it is not required.

Group Magic List:
  • Charms - Any two witches
  • Curses - Coven required
  • Invincibility (protection from vampire persuasion, toughened skin to the bite or scratch of a shifter) - Coven required
  • Phasing - Any two witches
  • Portal Creation - Coven required
  • Psionic Blast (can cause lack of consciousness) - Coven required
  • Telesthesia - Coven required

Witches have the unique ability to form a blood pact with a shifter, a symbiotic relationship that can prove quite beneficial for both parties. In one of these agreements, a shifter serves the witch as a familiar - protecting and watching the witch. The witch, in turn, can provide the shifter with the energy and charms needed to maintain a pregnancy long enough for a viable birth as well as aiding in the cover-up of any secrecy slips.

Becoming a familiar is an intentional act, therefore it cannot happen by mistake or accident. The witch must be close enough to the shifter to be able to bleed it in bestial form (either by a cut from a knife or some other action). The shifter's blood will then be mixed with blood from the witch and the communal blood will be smeared on both parties. The witch should take caution not to contaminate their open wound with the shifter blood or they'll end up turning themselves. Once this is done, the bond is solidified.

Bonded witch and familiars will be able to communicate telepathically with the same effectiveness as shifters in their bestial forms. While they cannot translate full sentences or ideas, they can send pictures and snippets to one another, no matter what form the shifter is in.

Sensing Other Supernaturals:
Witches: They are able to sense other members of their own species, but are unable to pinpoint other Witches' individual powers.

Shifters: A Witch is able to see a Shifter's beast as clearly as if it were in front of them, though they cannot directly interact with the animal unless that shifter is in its bestial form.

Vampires: They cannot sense vampires, which is one of the reasons having a familiar is so valuable for an individual witch or coven.

Spirits: They can sense and see Spirits -- how they appear to them is subjective.