The basic rules that apply to the entirety of the game.

Out of Character Guidelines
1. As Grimoire is a 3/3/3 site, all players must be 18 years or older to join. All characters must be 18 years or older as well!

2. We want Grimoire to be a fun, supportive, welcoming writing environment for all players (as well as staff). Excessive and continuous rudeness and / or bullying will be corrected privately.

In Character Guidelines
1. The usual applies on Grimoire: do not god-mode, power-play, or meta-game!

2. Writing on Grimoire occurs in third person. Past or present tense is accepted, however be sure to stick to one tense per thread and check with your partner before starting to see what tense is mutually preferred.

3. Mature subject matter is allowed, but please mark these threads with either an [M] for Mature or a [TW] for Trigger Warning if your thread covers sensitive material.

4. Posts on Grimoire do not have a specific word count. Please write as much or as little as feels fitting, as long as you're giving your partner something to reply to.

5. Thread crashing is allowed if the thread is set in a public location. With that in mind, please make sure your character has a reason to be there before entering a thread.

6. Unless a character is part of Carmine and the thread is in relation to the group and their job, NPCs must be human. Furthermore, the way in which NPCs can be used depends what the NPC is being used for -- scene setting, minor interactions, all of that is totally fine. NPCs cannot, however, break the game. They cannot be a catalyst of exposure or play a major role in any plot.

Account Creation & Graphics
1. This is an account-per-character game. Please register in proper case, IE: Jane Smith. An OOC account is required of all players.

2. Avatars should be at least 200x200 pixels in size, though they can be bigger as our code will automatically shrink them down. Please note that while GIFs in profiles are permitted, they should not be used as avatars.

3. Please make sure before applying a new character that their profile is complete. The appearance, personality, and history sections must be filled out and lore appropriate. Bullet points are welcome!

4. Face claims for Grimoire must be 18 years or older. We accept actors, models, musicians, and large scale (over 5k) influencers. We do not accept drawings for fc reference or deceased persons.

5. Duplicate first names are perfectly acceptable on Grim, as are common surnames (Smith, Johnson, Garcia, etc). But we do ask that you refrain from creating identical unique surnames to any character currently on board.

1. The activity requirement for the site is one in character post per character every month (30 days). At two weeks, if you have not posted and aren't active in the discord, staff might check on you to make sure all is well.

2. If you are marked inactive and wish to return, please notify an admin and we will restore your accounts!

3. There is no limit to the number of characters you may have on Grimoire. With that in mind, please remember each account must have at least one in-character post every month.

1. The site discord is a fun, safe space for our community to chat and connect. Please be courteous and keep all triggering topics in spoiler tags: || text here || or in one-on-one DMs. Discriminatory speech of any kind will not be tolerated.