"Sure, I'll lend you one.

This is pretty lax in regards to the content I want to have happen, it's more of a way for Lila to meet new people than achieve any specific goal. Lila is new in town and, as most people are when they move, without friends. She'll be outside her store, outside/inside a bar, or outside her apartment in North Portland. Where doesn't matter too much, and we can discuss possible places they could meet up.

I'd like someone who will not eat her to come by and ask her to share one of her cigarettes. She's clueless about the supernatural, at least the reality of it. She's very into cryptids and conspiracy theories, but isn't quite sure just how much of it she believes. The only thing she for sure believes in are ghosts. You could be a human and just chat, a vampire and chat, a shifter and chat, anything goes except eating her. You could expose her to the world, or keep her in the dark.

If you're interested, please use the discord to contact me, Kayla.