Sharing a smoke

East Portland 
Hmmm... He admitted it was by battery, but Ever decided it wasn't? That was...odd. Lila hoped Ever wasn't the sort to jump to haunted or supernatural at the first whisper of the wind. She found those types disappointing. But still, she had a story, at least.

"When I first got here, I bought a ouija board at an antique shop. Just on a whim. I never intended on using it, really. You usually need two people for it. But one night, I'd had a couple of drinks and though, 'Yeah, why the fuck not?' So I set it up and opened a channel and... He said his name was McBane. Like at one point I barely had my fingers on the planchette, it almost got away from me at one point. But you're supposed to keep both hands on it, which is why I didn't get to record it. But it would've just looked like I was moving it with one hand anyways." She let out a breath, clearly a bit rattled.

"Anyways, that's uh, my story." She gave a half shrug, a little embarrassed that she was even saying it aloud.

Ever took one last drag of her blunt and bent to put it out in the concrete. There was still a good amount left so she’s save it for later. She stuck it in her pocket, charred end up as she listened to Lila talk about her experience. Everly paused, eyes wide.

"Nah uh! No way!" she exclaimed, giddy with excitement event though her brain processed things much slower than normal. Get words came out slow, as if she were unsure of what she was saying, but in her head she sounded normal.

"That'd be so cool. Did you get any of it on video? We should totally do it together and see if this McBane dude comes back." Ever didn’t doubt Lila for a second. After all, she knew the supernatural was real. She could feel it in her... well.... soul? Nah. She just knew it.

Lila was about to tell Ever that she'd already mentioned that she couldn't record it, but realized the other woman was likely stoned and not processing things right now. She was feeling pretty good herself, and decided to be patient with Ever, since getting frustrated wasn't called for just yet.

"Yeah, we should! Maybe he'll come back for us. We could get pizza, and maybe watch a show or something afterwards." Hope she doesn't mind that I actually want to hang out with her, too.

Lila took her last drag of her cigarette, the cherry now at the edge of the filter and beginning to taste funny, and tossed it onto the ground and smushed it with her shoe. She pulled out her phone and started a new contact, typing in "Ever" in the name.

"Gimme your number so I can text you when I'm off work this weekend or something. I've got to work all week, but I'm off on Saturday. We can hang out," she repeated. Ever was a bit weird, but she liked weird.

Oh darn. No recording. But that was fine! Ever was fighting through the fog that now controlled her brain, taking a step back and leaning against her car once more to steady herself. That was some good shit. Then again, she knew that it was.

She her smile widened as Lila spoke about getting pizza. Hell, if tonight wasn’t so busy with potential for tips, she would have wanted to do it now. As it was, she had bills to pay and being an Uber driver was her only income at the moment.

"I’d totally be down for that," she said, hoping the brain fog would wear off soon and so she could work. When Lila asked for her number, Ever didn’t hesitate. She rattled off the numbers, though slightly slurred, her head dipping forward to make sure it was recorded correctly.

"I probably should go inside and get some water to get this high under control. Tonight is supposed to be great for tips." she said, brows creasing before remembering something Lila said when they first met. "Is your driving nearby? If not, I can take you home if you give me a few minutes."

The fog in Lila's brain wasn't so thick that she would accept Ever's offer. She knew the two of them were pretty toasted, and was a bit relieved when she saw her driver was only a minute or so away. She memorized the name and car model and put her phone away.

"Nah, I'm alright. My driver is almost here. Thanks, though." She was pleased she had made a friend, and one who was just as odd and connected to the supernatural as she was. Outside of online forums and facebook groups, she didn't have many friends that were into the same things she was, leaving them all behind in Texas. She looked at Ever and smiled.

"It was great meeting you. Why don't you go sober up a bit? I'll text you later?"

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