This news cast takes place after the events of this thread and this thread.

 “Good evening, everyone. I’m sure by now all of you have seen the footage of what occurred here earlier tonight. Though it might seem fantastical, staged, or fabricated, what happened was real. There are creatures walking among us that do not have our best interests at heart. They are predators, hunting with little regard for human life.

 Tonight, Portland became the epicenter of a kind of violence that is abominable, but all too familiar to monsters like these. What you witnessed was a Vampire and a Shifter giving into the abhorrent urges within them. They live among us, and for centuries they have preyed on the good, normal citizens of the world. But through the years, we have been here to protect you.

 We are Carmine - an organization dedicated to seeking out and neutralizing these Supernatural threats. For years we have acted in the shadows, saving countless innocents, not wanting to evoke any kind of panic or alarm. But it is clear now that the Supernatural world needs a more public opponent.

 Do not trust these beasts. They are dangerous. If you see any suspicious Supernatural activity, we would prefer you phone it into our tip line instead of going to local law enforcement. Without any disrespect to our hard-working officials, we have the resources and training necessary to deal with these creatures in a professional, humane way.

 We will be setting up a website and a tip line, sharing with you all the details we’ve learned about these species so you can keep your family safe. Remain vigilant. Do not allow yourselves to become their prey.”