The Less We Know

Remains To Be Seen 
 "It's CGI."

 "Yeah, sure. All those different videos, with different angles and different parts--"

 "Welcome to the 21st century, dumbass. Most movies in theaters right now are just a bunch of green suits and tennis balls. A thirteen-year-old on TikTok could make a better clip."

 From the sidewalk bench above him, as though two angels caught bickering from the heavens, two men rambled on. One thumbed through a phone (and judging by the near-identical sound bites of varying quality, was jumping across the same series of videos) while the other had a crisp newspaper stretched out before him. The headline, only one of the twenty others Brook'd already seen that morning, was legible from a full three blocks away. Thick, stately letters stretched out across a majority of the front page, blaring:


 Not for the first time that afternoon, Brook felt a chill pass over him. They. Who were they? The initial broadcast’s grandiosity had been rivaled only by its blatant lack of specificity. Sure, there was talk of a website and tip line, but neither method was accessible to–

 Well, birds.

 Brook didn’t have a clue what was going on, not really. Fearing the worst, he’d left Aurelia’s home when the news broke. He'd taken to the city, perching atop newspaper stands and just outside shops (this time, a store for magical oddities, ironically enough) to pick up on as much news as possible. There was no way of knowing if such things were connected, but who he was and where he’d come from… It sounded just as fantastical as two storybook beasts battling it out in the public eye. He panicked. He didn’t want to risk her piecing it together if (or once) the right information fell into place. She wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready. So he’d left in pursuit of his own knowledge, his own armor. He didn’t want to be perched on her shoulder when it clicked.

 There were other people trapped, just like him.

 She wasn't precisely sure how to proceed - their footing a precarious one. Their business, their livelihood - surely it was either the best disguise or a stationary target and almost certainly nowhere between the two. Hidden in plain sight or maybe just fully exposed in the new and brutal world that a couple ill-prepared creatures dragged them into.

 One way or the other she tried for calm and collected when the news had hit, tried to seem concerned but not overly so - efforts made as to not alarm Gideon further than the revelation called for itself. But that was easier said than done when powers came into play, so the second best option was to just make herself scarce. Slipping out bright and early, prepared with an excuse of inventory if she'd managed to rouse him enough to alarm.

 Half expecting to find a stone through the storefront window, a message written on the door. Some show of nastiness that tended to rear it's heinous head where things people didn't understand were concerned. Thankfully, it seemed that wasn't the case as she turned the corner. holding her coat closed against the breeze and keeping her head down as she cut across the street.

 It hit like a swing right at the temple, expanded outward in her brain loud enough to make her stop just shy of the door and look up. Frowning as she looked about, glanced over her shoulder. Trapped how, darling? Sympathetic to some perceived air of helplessness that hit close to home these days.

 For a beat, Brook thought of nothing out of the ordinary. The voice slipped in seamlessly; if he hadn't already known what it was to share a conscious, he'd have continued thinking another party joined the vocal conversation above. But it was too close, too pointed -- and, most importantly, not even his question. His reply was fast, more of a reflex than anything else.

 This body, of course--

 He'd even slipped in a quick, dismissive shake of the wings before recognizing the importance of it all: for the first time in eight years, he was talking to somebody other than Aurelia Ventura. And from beneath the cover of a bench and behind two sets of humans legs, he didn't even know where to look for them.

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