Light it up

Munson Creek Falls 
So, he was a low-key kind of guy. Lila could appreciate that, though if she'd known he liked to go to clubs, she'd suggest they go together one night. She enjoyed a good club now and again. She usually went to bars alone, though back home she'd go with one of her more extroverted friends. She did like the idea of her potential new friend just taking his dog out for walks, though. That in itself was fairly relaxing, and outside in nature.

She smiled at his admission, nodding in agreement. "Yeah, that's definitely something that counts as a win. I've been doing it since I moved, and it's...weird? Like most portions are for at least two people, so I either get leftovers for a few days or end up feeing it to the cats outside my apartment." She leaned against the rock again and shook her water bottle. It was almost empty, and she frowned a bit at it.

Hmm. Guess I better head back, soon. I'm not drinking dirty river water.

She slipped her water bottle back in the side holster of her back pack and crossed one ankle over the other as she looked back at him. "You should come by my place. We could cook together. Bring the little monster. I'll make something for him, too."

“I’d like that!” Maiah said, brightening at the invitation. He couldn’t help being a bit happier than he should. He didn’t have many friends right now and he liked Lila. It would be great to hang out with her again.

“You want to head back together?”
he offered. She looked ready to go, and sure, Cosmos was having a light snooze, but he could wake up and be his usual energetic self if he so much as sneezed. He would be fine. “If we run into Bigfoot, I will valiantly die first so you can get away.”

Lila was pleased at his response. She was expecting a half shrug and a Sure, why not? His enthusiasm was appreciated greatly. She smiled at him, nodding a bit. "Great! I'll text you with my address, and we can set up a date." She paused. "Not like a-I mean, unless you-or, if not, it's...we'll figure it out," she chuckled nervously. She nodded again at his question, realizing she was nodding quite a bit before she stopped and rubbed the back of her neck.

"Aw, that's sweet!" she laughed. "I couldn't ask you to do that."

The walk wasn't too terribly far, and within ten minutes, she could see her car. She turned to him, smiling up at him as they approached.

"Well, that little black car is me. It was really nice to meet you, Maiah."

Maiah just raised his eyebrows at her awkwardness over it being a date. He knew what she meant, but… she was kind of adorable right now.

And he didn’t mention that he had no intention of being killed by bigfoot. He just needed enough time to get his fire big enough!

“Thanks. You, too… and I’m looking forward to round two.”


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