North Portland consists of a diverse spread of commercial, residential, and industrial establishments. Nicknamed "NoPo" by some or sometimes "the Fifth Quadrant", the most notable location in North Portland is that it's home to both the Port of Portland and the University of Portland's campus. Visitors passing through North Portland can expect a lot of eateries, shops, cafes, and historical neighborhoods sprinkled throughout.

It wasn't all that long ago in history that North Portland was known for its crime rates and accounts of violence. These days, it's settled substantially - still, one might want to be careful wondering about some of the more secluded areas alone at night. 

Points of Interest Include:

Cathedral Park: A park located under the arches of the St John's Bridge which connects North and Northwest Portland. Named for the architecture which resembles those found in gothic styled cathedrals, the park is a landmark to the area. Within the park visitors can find several walking trails, picnic benches for those looking to enjoy a mild weathered PNW lunch, a small stage for the occasional local act, and a floating dock onto the Willamette river.

Port of Portland: A whole district of transportation and enterprise, the port of Portland encompasses the international airport (PDX), multiple marine terminals, as well as five different industrial parks. While most of this isn't visitor friendly, from the outside looking in, depictions of the port have become many an art project in one medium or another. When the night settles in, the parks quickly become an eerie sort of place people are encouraged to avoid.

Smith and Bybee Wetlands: Flanked by industry, the Smith and Bybee Wetlands are one of the largest urban wetland locations in the United States. Opened from sunrise to sunset (although some will explore after hours), the wetlands offer trails, paddle boarding, and are a known and beloved spot for bird watching.

University of Portland: The University of Portland is a private university with Catholic roots. With over four thousand students enrolled and a campus that covers one hundred and twenty-four acres, it's no small part of North Portland. Offerings at the University of Portland include a college of arts and sciences; a graduate school; and schools of business, education, engineering, and nursing.

Round House: (OWNED BY: Alina Sinclair) One of the local gems in NoPo, Round House School for Martial Arts is ready to round out your ass-kicking education with a variety of classes, from beginner's Tae Kwon Do to competitive Krav Maga. Originally an old warehouse, the building was refurbished and remodeled to have just about anything you could need to learn how to defend yourself and offers different monthly rates to meet most of it's clients price points.

The school closes at 8pm sharp and opens its alleyway entrance to a different (and much rougher) kind of clientele around 10pm. Downstairs in the basement, patrons find themselves awash in the sounds of fights and cheering. Anyone is allowed to enter the ring by putting their name on the list, but Tuesday and Thursday nights are reserved for supernaturals only. Keep in mind, if anyone causes trouble, Alina will not hesitate to dump them in the port, whether they can swim or not.