Dead Tired

Northeast Portland 
Philomena was tired. Not just regular tired, no. Somehow it seemed that she was always a little tired, but her insomnia had done a real number on her last night, and while she was normally okay to just drag herself around for the day, her body felt like it was made of cement in this particular instance. When it came to being sleepy, her normal go tos were sugary sodas or red bull, something palatable to her childish taste buds that was easy to grab and preferably fizzy. Today though, today she had something else she was craving. Chocolate. While regular coffee was the sort of thing she would be likely to spit out, wondering how people drank it, those fancy coffee drinks that hid the caffeine were just her speed. Like tricking herself into waking up with dessert.

Stepping into the coffee shop, she got in line behind two gentlemen in suits, standing patiently even though they never seemed to step forward to place their orders, not the sort to fuss over such a thing. Only when people started to walk past her and up to the counter did she grow wary of the situation, moving to address the man closest to her. "Are you on line?" she asked and tilted her head, the man shaking his own and smiling down at her gently. Then the next one. "Are you in line? this one ignored her. "Excuse me...?" Nothing. Blinking and rubbing her eyes, she noted the spiritual aura around the men and sighed, running a hand over her face. "Oh.." To a bystander, the lunatic of a woman had just been talking to the air rather openly after standing in one place in the middle of the cafe for some ten minutes without a peep.

Moving to the counter, she placed her order and didn't seem to notice the looks the workers gave her, waiting off to the side by the counter where they put finished drinks. A name was called that she didn't really process, but she thought she was next and so she reached for the coffee that was put out and took a sip without thinking only to recoil and pull a face. Pause. She looked down and frowned at the sight of something that was for sure not her coffee after all. Turning and facing the person nearest to her, she blinked. "I'm really tired. Are you alive? Is this your coffee?"

Chickadee stood off to the side awaiting her drink, but a fly caught in the window held her attention. She watched the pathetic thing zoom from corner to corner to find its escape, but there was no prevail. The buzzing sound seemed to echo through her ears and it became the only thing she could hear. The loud sound of steaming milk and the espresso machine and the chit chat of patrons went unnoticed as she watched the fly trumble around helplessly.

Didn't the creature know it would be better off inside during this cold weather? Stupid, stupid flies. They were her least favorite. There was nothing beautiful about them. Clearly not worthy of being added to her collections. Chickadee raised her nose at it in disgust but a gentle voice brought her back.

"I'm really tired. Are you alive? Is this your coffee?"

The witch had to blink a few times to remove the blurriness from her vision from staring for so long. She glanced over her shoulder to see a woman holding out a coffee to her. She was immediately ready to shake her head and shoo the here away but once the words processed, she turned her body around and looked over the cup. "Does it have a name on the cup? What's it say?" Chickadee leaned in with squinted eyes to see through the girl's fingers, dark hair falling forward.

Wait, did she just ask me if I was alive? she asked herself. For now, she brushed it off. She was staring at a fly for god's sake.

"Mmmm..." That was a good question, and it seemed like the sort of thing that an alive person would ask, with logic and no requests for help or misguided advice. The surefire way to tell would be to touch her, but then people usually did not like to be touched by strangers...not that she herself minded. Touching or being touched, that was. Turning the cup over in her hand a few times, she tilted her head and then caught sight of some haphazard black marker.

"Chick...something. Like a baby chicken? But there's other letters...but they're messy." At that, her own name was called out 'Philomena' and a mocha something or other fancy spressolattething was set out with whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top. Ah. That looked much more like her coffee.. Staring longingly for a moment, she shook her head then and turned back to the other woman standing before her. "Is that your name? If this is yours, I took a sip. Sorry." An apology alone might not to either of them much good in the end, but she would wait to see how angry she was if it was her coffee, before figuring out how she could make up for it.

Her cheeks turned bright red as the girl tried to read the name on the cup. Her name. She gulped down her embarrassment and nodded, "N-not chicken," she stumbled. "My name is Chickadee." She reached out for her coffee and took it from her while she apologized.

Chickadee looked down into her cup, peaking through the small sipping hole. The girl couldn't have anything that deadly to spread, right? The witch would accept her apology. "Don't worry about it. No harm done. I can still drink it just fine," she said while fidgety fingers spun the cardboard band around the cup several times over. The girl was intriguing and ditzy. All the same, she wanted to know more.

"Are you here with anyone? If not, you can come sit with me. I'll allow it," Chick said, jerking a thumb over her shoulder, "I already grabbed a table. " And sure enough she had. Her bag and several books were strewn about the wooden surface.

The blush was a very cute sort of thing, and a bit endearing. Watching with interest, Philomena tilted her head, taking in the sight of the other woman as she gave her real name, and then took the coffee. Phil had been certain that, at the very least, she would have had to buy a new coffee for her. Sure it was only one sip, and she wasn't an unclean person or the sort to be carrying anything like that, but it didn't mean most people would trust that to be true. Still, she took the cup instead and seemed okay with the whole ordeal which, frankly, was a huge relief. "Mmm, if you're sure. So understanding." smiling slightly, she made a point not to argue the kin d gesture, moving then to scoop up her actual drink, pulling it in close to take a long sip as Chickadee addressed her again.

"Me? No. I am alone. I would be delighted to be allowed to sit with you." the choice of words had been amusing, but she was no less honored for being allowed, anyway, especially after taking a sip of her drink. Despite the genuine enthusiasm, her voice was low, slightly gravely, and almost a little too even, emotion shown more in her eyes than by any sort of high pitched inflection in her tone. Moving towards the table with her new friend, she settled down at one of the open chairs and gave a sigh of happiness for being able to get off her feet and rest a moment as she recharged with her cleverly caffeinated dessert drink.

"Oh, I'm Philomena. You could all me Phil if you want, or really anything else. I answer to most things so long as I can assume it's meant to mean me. I meant to say earlier, your name is so cute. It suits you. Chickadee~ you are not what I would have imagined upon hearing such a name, but you are far more adorable than your feathered counterpart. And much more gracious. I once fed a chicken, and I believe it thought I was trying to steal the food instead of offering it. Surprisingly terrifying. So small, but so angry.." Realizing she had been rambling, she paused, remained silent for a moment, and then offered an easy smile, moving to take another long sip of her drink and humming happily.

This woman was a whirlwind, but in a way that made Chick just smile and go with the flow. If the wind was going to blow, why go against it. She lead the woman over to her table and settled herself in one of the chairs, cuddling her drink close. As the girl jawed on, she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows in amusement. This girl knew how to talk.

But again, her words knew just how to make her blush. Chick's cheeks turned a bright red as the girl commented on her appearance and name. Quickly, she brushed it away as she spoke up, "I think Philomena is a beautiful name. And I think Phil suits you nicely. An adorable girl with an unseemingly nickname. Perfect, wouldn't you say?"

Chick leaned her cup into for a cheers, hoping the girl would take the cue. "Cheers to the chickens?"

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