Tastes Like Home

Astoria was the sort of place where Raelyn felt at ease. Maybe it wasn't the most bustling city around, and it was certainly more quiet than Baltimore had been, but it still smelled of sea spray and watching the boats was soothing. Rae had gotten lucky in being able to rent a mother-in-law's apartment from one of the families in a home along the harbor. It was cheaper than a regular apartment, and rather small..but it suited her just fine and her landlord was a nice woman who lived alone now that could use the extra money so it was a win win.

By now it was five AM, and as she was used to rising early, she was up and had already done a little bit of yoga. With something fresh in mind for dinner, she headed out and walked over to the fish market along the water, entering carefully and looking around at the various offerings and set ups inside. Most of the people who came here worked for local restaurants and the like, or even some that were further inland, but all she needed was a little something to cook for dinner. It helped that she knew some of the vendors here by now, keeping to herself as she perused the wares they had to offer.

Not in a rush and more than happy to take her time, she blinked in surprise when a flurry of motion caught her eye, moving to pivot out of the way for someone who was clearly on some sort of mission. Only, the ground had been wet where she had tried to flee to, and her ankle twisted, causing her to yelp out softly, stumbling into someone else nearby and clutching their arm in an attempt to steady herself. "Sorry! I'm sorry." Only, despite her apology, she was still hanging on, her ankle throbbing as she tried to figure out if she could put weight on it.

Farrah was finally settled into this new place called home. The sea spoke to her. Being close to it was something she never thought possible. And yet, here she was. The salt in the air, the breeze running through her softly tousled hair.... and her own win shop which she loving named Corkscrew Wine & Spirits, complete with cheese and meat samples. She loved it. This was the life for her. This was the....

Her phone dinged, signaling a test from Emil... because no one else would text her. She looked at it, staring at it for a few seconds before someone knocked into her. "Hey!" Instinctively, Farrah reached out, holding onto the woman as she held onto her for balance and stability. Eyes turned partially gray, calling on the moisture in the air in defense, but quickly dispersing the power when the woman looked to be looking down at her leg and apologizing.

"Are you alright?" she asked, concern creasing her brows as she wondered who in Astoria would be in such a hurry to push someone out of the way and not see if they were alright. Farrah looked around, noticing a small bench off to the right of them. It was a bus stop, but it would work. "Are you able to walk to that bench over there?" she said, gesturing with her free hand, still using the other to help steady the woman.

Well at least she hadn’t gone and bumped into someone who was as rude as the person who had gone and almost plowed into her. Preoccupied with her leg, and then with apologizing, she did not notice the way the other woman’s eyes changed, blinking up at her and looking a flustered mess as she managed a quick nod, loosening her grip on the stranger. “Ah, yes. Sorry. I mean. I didn’t mean to grab onto you like that, I thought I was going to fall.” Realizing she was rambling, Rae quieted enough to give her savior a chance to ask if she could make it to a nearby bench. “Yeah, I think so.” Unlatching herself as well as she could manage but still leaning very slightly on the other woman with every other step, her ankle tender and smarting.

Once she reached the bench, settling down was easy enough and she breathed out a sigh of relief as the pressure was off her hurt ankle. ”Thank you for your help. Again, I’m really sorry about all that. My reflexes aren’t the fastest and I didn’t expect it.” Moving to cross her leg over the other, she pulled her sock down to see how swollen her ankle was, the skin there tinged dark purple from the injury but apart from that and some hefty swelling, not doing too poorly. “I didn’t hurt you are, right?” Concern shifting, she looked up and at the arm she’d been clutching, knowing she wasn’t by any means particularly strong, but still worried enough to check.

Farrah calmed her power, not wanting to take it out on the girl that grabbed onto her. Honestly, it had been a while since she had sort of close contact with anyone. Since Emil... she had kept to herself. She much preferred less busy places, like in her shop or by her favorite spot next to the waterfall.

She smiled at the woman, close-lipped but not strained as she helped her to the bench. "You’re quite alright. I’m just glad you didn’t fall." She made sure the girl was sitting comfortably on the bench before she knelt, to take a look at the woman’s ankle. "Do you mind?" she asked, pointing toward the girl’s ankle to see if she could take a look. It was already swelling, she could tell by the concentration of moisture shifting under the skin.

"I’m fine. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay." She said, glancing up at the girl with a lop-sided smile, her power now drawn to the concentration of fluid in her ankle. If there was a way she could sneakily draw it out, maybe that would help.... at least a little so she could walk back to her car or whoever she needed to be.

When the kind woman pointed to her ankle, Rae was quick to shake her head, releasing the leg from her own grip and gently lowering it so that her savior could see where it had ballooned up to prevent further damage. "Not at all." While it was tender, she was sure it wouldn't progress into anything worse if she just took it easy for a couple of days. It wouldn't be the very easiest since she lived on her own, but she would manage she was sure. Being a homebody would be a little less than fun but that was okay.

The lopsided smile garnered a warm and genuine one in response, and Raelyn seemed to calm from how self conscious she had been feeling moments ago due to feeling like a burden on the other woman. "You're so kind. Thank you. I'm Raelyn, I was just here looking to buy some clams for dinner. Fresh seafood reminds me of home so...but anyway! What about you?"

Farrah smiled up at the young woman as she bent down to take a look at her ankle. Already, fluid was starting to build up. Calmly, Farrah touched it, her eyes down cast, her hair falling forward, hiding the change of blue-green to stormy gray. She called on just a small fraction of her power as she gently stroked her ankle, careful not to cause any harm. The water build up that was there was drawn out of the skin, dampening the pavement beneath them.

It only took a few second for her to do, not wanting to ease all of the girl’s pain, but just enough so she could walk without falling or having to pause every so often. Farrah glanced up. "There, I hope that feels better. My mother taught me a little technique about message and how it helps with swelling," she said before leaning away from the girl and standing.

"Me? Oh, I’m Farrah. I just own this little win shop right down the walk here. Corkscrew Wine & Spirits.... have you heard of it?" she asked, color coming to her pale cheeks at the mention of the shop she worked so hard to open. It had been her dream in California to open one and now that she was here in Oregon... that dream had come true. It was small - only able to fit 50 people TOPS - but it was still hers.

Raelyn wasn't always comfortable with strangers. By no means would she ever call herself outgoing or a social butterfly, but there was something soothing about this woman's presence. The sensation of touch against her ankle was feather soft, the pressure applied light and somehow not at all agitating to the tender injury. In awe, she watched for a moment and breathed out a soft sigh of relief as some of the pressure melted away from her swollen ankle. "Oh wow, that's amazing. It does feel a little better. Much more bearable. I really appreciate it." What a neat thing to learn to do.

"Farrah.." repeating the name to solidify it in her memory, she blinked in surprise at the mention of her owning one of the shops nearby. "Really? Of course I've heard of it. I live right along the docks, so that's where I've been going to get my wine actually. I was going to head over after picking up the clams. I eat alone most of the time, but I still like to have a little wine with dinner. Your shop is lovely, by the way. And you look so young to have your own business, I'm really impressed." Sure she was only twenty three, but Rae felt like she had no idea what direction her life was going in or what to do with it. She couldn't imagine herself handling such an undertaking any time soon.

Farrah straightened up and smiled. Clams actually sounded nice. She wondered if she had a nice Sauvignon Blanc that paired well with steamed clams. Actually, she had a few different wines that would pair well depending on how she cooked it. "That would be wonderful if you stop by. I can even set out some wines that I think would pair well if you have your recipe on hand," she said with an encouraging smile. "Oh you can always come down to my Corkscrew and you can eat there! A lot of people come in for appetizers or some sort of snack to go with their tastings. This way you don’t have to dine alone."

Of course she liked to help those around her, but only if there was some benefit to her. Helping ease this girl’s pain allowed her to use her power, release some tension that always seemed to build up just beneath the surface. And obviously selling wine from her own shop increased her bottom line. "Aw thank you! I got everything pretty cheap just because the shop was going to get torn down and all the decor in there has been chipped or characterized in some form or fashion." The tile had even been cheap considering how it was last season’s tile and the store only had a few. Boxes on hand.

The wine though... that was not cheap. Farrah refused to go cheap on that part considering she was the only wine shop in town. Her phone chimed, signaling she had to get back to work to meet with a few suppliers.

"I’m sorry but I have to run for some meetings. It was nice meeting you. Take care of that ankle and stop in some time."

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