Namaste on these Rocks [M]

Young River Falls 
Farrah was a woman built on emotion. Her wolf spirit had been tamed by another witch for what felt like an eternity. Now that she was free, she knew she would border on wreckless. Pushing boundaries was something that excited her, as long as she was in power, she craved the rush. This was a different sort of rush, a rush that she felt had been held back for far too long in respect for Emil. She cared for him, but she also cared for others and would not limit herself.

Her breath was held as he pulled her forward, a silent gasp parted her lips, her eyes widening as his lips lowered to hers. He was not gentle, and she didn’t want him to be. A soft moan sounded as she reach toward his biceps, squeezing them before her fingers roamed lower. Eyelids fluttered closed, her head tilted back to help give him access to whatever he wanted. Whatever he needed. A leg bend, pressing against his knees as if requesting access.

Auld Mahoun could not have crafted a better form of entrapment, the raw, sharp edge of loneliness blunted by the smooth hands that worked over his skin. Each muscle retracted, then jumped against her touch, body pushing forward and towards the relief physical companionship offered. It felt different, but much the same, distinctions losing clarity beneath the heady spirit that still pumped hellfire through his veins.

Her sigh. Her hair. Her smell.

They warped and shifted to fit inside a memory that now seemed submerged underwater.

Mo Dhia- he could barely breathe.

Fingers pulled and pressed until her shape was flush against him, palm curling to lift her arse as his other arm wound around her middle. Teeth etched white pressure lines against her pulse as he turned her back against the uneven bark of the tree, leg moving between the warmth of her thighs to keep her suspended- to let her find pleasure against him.

Mo Dhia - My God.


Farrah was lost in the control. As per usual, she relished in the fact that she could do anything she wanted if she put her mind to it. If she so much as dated live with any consequences. The taste of him, the rugged smell of him, the way his body easily dwarfed hers drove her further and further into her own sense of power.

She didn’t mind the pain, relished in the fact that at any moment she could stop it. Her eyes were still a silvery gray, never fully distancing herself from her power and the water near them. His bear was always near, always lurking, but she paid it no mind for the moment as he granted her access and she stepped forward, the top of her knee gently pressing against the apex of his legs.

One hand released his bicep, reach down in an attempt to join her knee to pleasure him in gentle strokes. She knew he needed a distraction. Knew that this was the only other way she could distract herself from the recent decisions she made. Fresh start with a new release... and Farrah was there for it.

Logan's thumb slipped under the gauze of her shirt and ripped downwards, fingertips grazing exposed flesh as if to carve a path his mouth could follow. His breath hitched against her touch and staggered as the pleasure landed, yet despite the sweltering heat and clouted head, the niggle of juxtaposition multiplied within the depth of his next kiss.

Silver eyes.

Marlene didn't have silver eyes.

He felt the sharp pain of disagreement from the animal whose life he shared- the bellow that bred reason back into his warped and weary bones. Anger was the impetus that drove his hand to catch her wrist, jaw tensing as he shared that dark line with burgeoning shame.


Teeth clenched against the desperate pull the bear exerted, its shape already misaligning as it continued its attempt to break into their plane. Palpably shaking, the shifter eased Farrah downward until she found her own feet, eyes narrowing as he battled to shield her from the inner storm.

"I kannae do this."

The pressure eased from her arm as he took a step backwards, careful to regard his role in her dishevelment, and the feelings that would remain after his departure. "Even if I want to," he offered, voice stern yet honest, "I kannae." Another step backwards, with the distance, the animal easier to assuage.

"Forgive me, Farrah..."

Logan unzipped the jacked his wife had folded and packed him, offering it to the girl wordlessly so she could recover the dignity he'd abused.

Farrah was caught up in the emotion. Loving the power of this situation and the fact that she was driving it. It was her that really needed the emotional release along with the release of power.

But all too sudden, it was over. He restrained her, lowering her to the ground. Unused power welded up inside her, wanting release but unable to get any of either kind. Lids narrowed over silver optics as she stared up at him. He was denying her? That hardly happened. The sting was not from embarrassment, but the fact that the control was in his court.

No way could she over power a shifter, let alone a bear. If it was something small.... maybe. But not a bear. "Why? Why do you deny yourself something you need?" she asked, her voice hard as she shook herself from his grip and took a step back. She didn’t even try to cover her body in any way. She wasn’t embarrassed. Farrah was pissed. Confused even.

The question was a demand though she wouldn’t have cared if he answered or not. She could see the haunted pain in his eyes. Could tell that he was holding on to a life, a family he no longer had. Farrah took a deep breath and ran her fingers through her lightly curled hair.

"Fine. Whatever. You don’t have to answer that. Want to just stop by Corkscrew and have a drink instead? You need something to calm that beast down," she said, waving a hand at the pacing Grizzly.

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