Pelican Delivery


Riley had completed her due delegence and found that Rocky the pelican could go to this bird sanctuary for recovery. She couldn’t spend any more nights sleeping on a cot, especially when she had to ask Ray to take care of Jasper when she was gone. This would just have to do if need be, she would pay out of pocket for Aurelia to take him.

So with a deep breath, she sunk into her couch and took out her phone, Jasper curling up on the cushion next to her.

Hey Aurelia, this is Riley... the lady with he really rude dog from the forest.

She looked at Jasper with a disapproving look.

Are you still up for taking care of a pelican for a few weeks? The zoo finally gave me the go ahead to send him off site.


Wiping perspiration from her forehead with a slightly-gritty arm, Aurelia stepped back from the owl chicks. They clamored for more attention, glaring up at her through squinted, alien eyes. She removed the glove on her right hand and grabbed her phone.

Riley got permission to take the Pelican offsite. Good news for the poor fellow.

1_face_joy Good to hear from you, and happy we've got the official recommendation.
I will make sure we're ready to take him over here.

She looked around the nursery, thinking about the best place to isolate the sick bird. This wasn't really a place for water birds, but if he were so low energy, she could make do with one of the intake rooms.

How long do I have to officially prepare?


Riley bent one knee up, placing her food on the couch and her chin on her knee as she stared at the texts that came through minutes later.

A couple of days. I need to make sure I get his medication packaged up all pretty and then I can transport him to your place.

Then she remembered she was actually talking to a professional.

Unless you want to come get him yourself. You let me know what’s easier for you.

Riley was used to handling everything by herself, of course she would do whatever was needed.

Aurelia used her still gloved hands to stir the owlets’ bedding, pushing them gently around as she cleaned. They went after her gloves with tiny, fierce beaks. When the next texts came in, she stepped back again.

Thinking of her crossover holding a fully-grown pelican, she grimaced at the screen.

How big is he? I’m worried my car isn’t large enough. But if he’s more on the average side, I could probably make it work.

BUT a couple of days would be perfect. Could we shoot for next Friday? Those are my only days off during our busy season.


Jasper ran over from the kitchen, jumped on the couch and curled up right next to her. She reached down idly petting him until her phone went off.

he’s a bit bigger than average size. I can use one of the zoo’s vans and drop him off!

She didn’t want to sound to controlling, just helpful.

Friday is perfect. I’ll let you know before I head out with him just so you know.


Well. I suppose I’m getting a pelican! Aurelia thought, adding a mental task to clean and prep one of the windowed isolation rooms. There was a pool in one of the outdoor cages—a sign that the conservatory once took in waterbirds—she would clean that space, too, and make sure he’d be comfortable.

That sounds perfect.

She sent the address of the conservatory next.

Does he have a name?

This didn’t feel like a silly question to Aurelia. Most captive animals received names. Though, if they had any intention to release him, perhaps they had refrained.

Riley smiled. Of course he had a name!

Rocky. He actually got it because he claimed this one massive boulder in his exhibit so that he could sun himself every afternoon. He wouldn’t let any of the other birds use it during that time.

All of them just started calling him “Rocky” and the name fit. She didn’t know why she felt the need to explain that, but she did. Hopefully, Aurelia would take something a way from it, even if it was just a smile.

Aurelia smiled at her phone.

Cute. I love a bird with personality.

As if there were birds who existed without. She shut the owlets’ cage, clipping a thin sheet in place over the bars—she wanted them to take a nap after her interruption. She sent a final message with an ungloved hand.

I’ll see you on Friday?


The idea that this woman would care for Rocky better than her made her smile. When it came to animals, there was no competition. Riley wanted them cared for and if the best care for them wasn't with her, she didn't care.

Perfect! I'll see you then. 1_face_grin


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