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Munson Creek Falls 
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Nox couldn’t say that he was particularly doing much of anything these days. A private training here, a evening date there, and then he spent the rest of the time hanging out in his van. It was his place of peace, his own personal den if you will. There he had a bed, kitchenette, a small bathroom and an area where he could set up his laptop for freelance digital art. It was more of a very compact RV. But whatever.

Earlier, he had parked the RV, deciding that he needed to stretch his legs, the feline within happy to get out and smell the fresh air. Chilly, fresh air without a cloud in sight, so he’d take it. The trails were soggy from morning fog, soft on impact as he jogged. Birds chirped, animals skittered away, and the temperature rose as the sun reached it’s apex in the sky. Soon, the temperature would start to dip again.

It wasn’t a concern for Nox. His leopard kept him warm most of the time. Even now as he jogged on the lightly wood-chipped trail he could feel beads of sweat line his hairline. By the time he reached the 5th mile, he was ready for a break. Especially when his stomach growled with hunger and he could ear the nearing roar of a waterfall. Perfect for his leopard. He slowed as he reached the end of the trail.

Thankfully, the air was too chilly for humans to come out and play at the moment, especially on a Friday. So... he had it all to himself. Nox shrugged, you only live once... he thought to himself as he unzipped his jacket, his shirt soon to follow.


 You learned a number of things over the course of years, you adapted - animal, human, or some muddied gray area between the two. As it turned out, thankfully, Portland and it's outlying locations provided a degree of natural cover that Connecticut didn't always provide. And while there was a need to be cautious that would linger for life no doubt, it was easy to find some solace in the dense outcropping of forests and the relative peace of a weekday in nature.

 Even so she'd waited three miles from where she'd left her car parked to shuck off her backpack. Finding a a fallen tree to lean it against and going through practiced motions like a surgeon scrubbing in for surgery. Calm as she folded her clothing and set it in a ziploc, extra protection in case the fickle nature of the pacific northwest's weather bottomed out on her during her exploration.

 Not so insecure as to argue the pain of a shift, no need to hide it - though enough mental scar tissue had build with time that its pain was a minor inconvenience in the grand scale of everything. Time, hard to track as it was on four legs, was not entirely lost to her. The sun over head suggesting that she'd been out and about for a couple of hours before it tumbled to her, carried on a breeze that filtered through the firs.

 Shifter. Close enough that she instinctively felt her head lower, spine a little more even as she stilled as if frozen in place. The slightest twitch of one ear as she tested the air and started smoothly, massive paws pressing into the moss and damp earth with every step as she honed in on the tv static sound of rushing water.

 It was a few minutes before she caught sight of it round the wide trunks of a couple of long established trees, the body of water perhaps impressive but taking a second place for the time being. Strangers were still a threat in some corner of her mind, a ringing bell that signified the potential for trouble. So no, she was in no immediate rush to make herself known outside of what he could no doubt pick up if he was paying attention. Instead, content to circle and keep her distance.

 The human part of Rich still enjoyed a good, long drive out of the city, even if being cramped inside the cab of a car pissed off the cat. He grumbled the whole way, refusing to enjoy the view though he stared right at jagged half-mountains and tall, green trees the entire way down to Tillamook. Rich clenched his jaw and turned up the music in the car, rolling the windows down.

 He learned not to argue with the furry fucker, and eventually gave in to the temptation to pull off at the falls–the only road sign that caused any reaction from the cat. It was one of those things that made him wonder. Could he read? Or did he just know 'waterfall' from the dated clipart on the sign? Either way, Rich parked the Subaru.

 At least the climate around here was better than Salt Lake--more than double the rain and far less snow. The tiger seemed to prefer it, even if he hated the travel times to these 'exotic' places. And Rich ran, sneakered feet crunching on trail debris as he followed the tiger's nose to the body of water.

 Upon his arrival, nothing else seemed to matter. He immediately stripped, leaving his phone and car keys in a smelly sneaker as the tiger's green, slit-pupil eyes replaced their human counterparts.

 A few grunts of pain, cringing slightly against the now-familiar ache from within, he flung himself forward onto his four large limbs, allowing the dizzying pattern of stripes to replace the dull, human covering of flesh.

 With a loud, pleased chuff, the tiger rolled on Rich's stacked belongings–an obvious 'fuck you' to his vain attempt at keeping himself in check while occupying his other body. With no preamble and not waiting for a vote, the tiger got a running start and plunged into the body of water.

 The massive splash made by three-hundred pounds of cat was enough to spell doom for his phone.

 Not again.

The change felt like it took forever - each bone bending and breaking under some magical pressure that reformed him into a decent-sized black and russet leopard with golden-yellow eyes. The feline went through a series of lazy stretches, having felt cramped in a human body for far too long. He couldn’t be too ungrateful, for his human let him out to play more often than note, content to let the kitty roam when he wished. It made their bond, more cohesive if they gave into what the other wished.

Give and take. And right now, the human had willing given.

The medium-sized feline yawned, round ears flickering forward at the sound of rushing water took over the sound of birds and rustling leaves. That was what he wanted, to go swimming to fish. One large paw stepped in front of another as he slowly made his way toward the water, the sun creeping further and further below the horizon as he did so. Then there was a blur. A big, orange blur - soon accompanied by a massive splash and the scent of feline. For a moment, the leopard was excited about another feline... but the scent was off. No. It wasn’t a leopard.

It was a tiger. He padded toward the edge of the water, waiting for the tiger’s massive head to break through the water again. When it did, Nox let out a questioning chuff, his head tilting, large front toe-beans just barely touching the water as he waiting to decide if this tiger was friend or foe. Best believe he was out of there and up a tree if he was the latter. A leopard was no mater for a tiger - even if said tiger was submerged in water.

 She settled upwards of the water, the slightly higher ground providing her with the smallest shred of comfort. A sense of security that she knew logically to be pointless, though still, she would take it - particularly when the scent turned to a jumble, like a mug introduced to a new color of paint, making it all muddy. Her shoulders twitched, head lowering until she almost touched the tops of her front paws in the process at the splash and clatter.

 There was the tiniest possible rustle of leaves, a thump of her tail as she waited to see how the two got along with one another. Some distant and human element of thought pondering the absurd chance of such an intersection. The slightest worry that maybe she'd encouraged everyone to set their bags down in a land oversaturated, but that was a concern for two legs and not four.

 Eyes wandering towards their possessions, back to the almost comical difference in size between the two. Smart enough not to click up the heat on the burner of potential turmoil by making herself known so quickly.

 The tiger plunged under the water, eyes slit against the silt beneath the surface. He stirred the currents underfoot, watching tiny waterspouts form beneath his kicking legs. Wanting to find the bottom, he breached the surface, inhaling hugely, then dove below—a good thing this big cat liked water. Rich would have been lost if he couldn’t enjoy a good swim. He dropped the limited control he usually had, feeling as if he held on to his beasts’ back as they spun and kicked around.

 They couldn’t reach the bottom, though. Too deep. Rich vowed to come back without a desire to shift. The pool looked like it would be a popular spot in warmer weather. The pair came up for air again, turning in place, sucking in air with an open mouth. The sight of another feline figure stopped his lazy spin.

 Ears went back, eyes went wide, and he paddled nervously in the chilly, deep part of the pool, inching backward toward his belongings, seeking to shake himself dry and find the higher ground. The leopard—though smaller—still had a formidable frame. He’d be faster—and it was a he, the nose didn’t lie about that—but Rich had weight. He assessed the male. There were more big cat shifters in North America than he’d thought before leaving home, but it was rare that he saw one as out of place as he.

 He released a wet chuff to the other cat in reply before leveling out in the water, striped back visible on the surface. Keeping his head above water, he padded closer to the leopard, halting within smelling distance.

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Nox wasn’t one to be afraid of others. Nah. Life was too short for that. He could be cautious when his human brain told him to be, but when he had little to no control, the feline assessed what he deemed a threat and then reacted. Right now, there were multiple scents in the air. One of the tiger and then something else that was clearly female and not linked to this tiger at all. It confused him, causing the russet-colored leopard to look around before focusing on the tiger in front of him.

So when the tiger came toward him, the leopard stood it’s ground, toes still in the water, barely covering the second knuckle of his front paws. Pale yellow eyes regarded the tiger curiously, another welcoming chuff parting his whisker-lined lips, his tale wiggled behind him, as if to signal play, taking a few steps into the water. The leopard wanted to go for a swim, especially after he had held it together for that long forest run. With water up to his ankles now, Nox’s large feline paw lifted and curled, swiping it through the water in one smooth motion toward the tiger, attempting to splash him.

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 She kept still as a statue, eyes following one and then the other - the only movement the slightest twitch of her lip at the initial tension when they closed in on one another. Waiting for a strike, the swipe of a clawed paw or a flash of teeth. Ready to slip back and turn to make a wide circle back to her own possessions should it become a game of competing egos.

 It instead turned, at least it seemed, into some sort of lukewarm start to playtime, enough of a distraction for her to slowly and carefully pull herself back up and onto her feet proper. Ducking her head and keeping a wide birth on the shoreline as she mind the placement of each paw and inched her way round to investigate from the headstart of dry and solid ground.

Instinctively, the tiger closed his eyes against the potential for water in his face, but the droplets fell back to the pool, creating tiny ripples that lapped his lower jaw. Rich raised his head above water, finding purchase on the pond’s bottom with a single paw. His mouth opened slightly, canines dripping. Staring at the other cat took a bit of concentration—big cats didn’t usually lock eyes for more than a moment. He exhaled, whiskers twitching forward.

Swinging his rear end around, he found solid ground with his back feet, claws digging into the soft mud. He could launch himself back into the pool this way. Or have a good chase with the leopard. He yawned, showing teeth. Large ears flicked around, capturing the noises of trees in the wind.

On a whim, he lifted his front half from the water, crouching on his haunches, and slammed back into the pool.
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I’ll take the splash.

Thankfully, the tiger went with his ridiculous bought at playing. Nox was never one insinuate violence for no reason and being a leopard was no different. At heart, he was a solitary creature, but that didn’t meant he hated occasionally seeking out others for a bit of fun. The tiger shifted position before leaping back into the pool, thoroughly splashing the leopard with cool, spring water.

Nox wasted no time. Dripping from the splash he jumped forward, his nails and pads sinking into the rocky bed below. He aimed for the tiger, looking to tackle him in the water. Nails retracted, teeth beared in play and ears pinned back. Save for the splash and slosh of water from the pool, his attack was silent, but not deadly. Definitely not deadly as he landed back in the pool of water with no tiger in his grasp.

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