This wasn't the sort of thing that Ava was used to doing. Having gone looking for something of the sort at all had her a bit flustered even though it was nothing but a date, likely more platonic than anything else. The man wasn't an escort, and she hadn't searched in the sorts of places where you could find those things. Still, there was something uncertain and nerve wracking about the whole thing as she stared down at her phone and the unsent text before finally managing to tap her thumb nervously against the screen. Sent.

Uhm hi, hello. I heard you do dates for money..? I was interested maybe in going to a restaurant, is that something that could be set up?


Nox was many things... especially for some cash. But a stripper nor a sexual prostitution was either of them. Dates and companionship, however, were free game. He made sure to keep a spare phone strictly for that business, not wanting his personal device to be riddled with such things. Better to keep it professional and structured, especially since he also worked as a freelance graphic designer and used his personal phone for that sort of communication.

Confusing? Sure. But totally necessary for someone like Nox. So when he decided to check that special device several minutes after that text came in, he was able to shift his mindset to be more open and spontaneous. It wasn’t that hard. Really. He smiled, soft and genuine. This sort of text was fairly common, his type of work hard for some people to fully grasp. No sex. No stripping.

If that is what you want, then that can certainly be set up. Do you have something in mind?


There was a nagging sort of worry that she had reached out to the wrong person, or that she would be misunderstood. It was an awkward sort of request to make in the first place, but somehow only felt more strange over text. Once the message was sent, she went about doing some chores around the apartment, trying not to think and worry herself over the possible responses she could get.

When the phone did finally vibrate in the pocket of her apron, she pulled it out and checked it, holding her breath without even realizing it. The warm and understanding tone of the words was enough to quell some of her anxiety, and she gave herself a moment longer to relax before responding.

Um well, the thing is I'm deaf. I used to go to this restaurant with my brother but he's not in the area anymore.

I've been a little lonely because of it too so, well, I was wondering if maybe we could have a date but also if you would be willing to help me a little as well? Sometimes I have a hard time feeling like I'm inconveniencing the waiters when they're so busy and this is a little bit of a fancy resturant..

I can pay extra! And if not that's okay too.

Stop. No more texts. You're just going to sound even more awkward than you already do. Stop trying to backpedal. You already asked.

She - or he - responded quickly having Nox leaning back on his bed in his van and reading the test with a small, concerned furrow of his brow.

He could certainly go on a date with them if that’s what she wanted. He could also talk to her if he wanted. He realized texting might be more convenient for them since he didn’t know ASL...but he could learn. Probably not much in a short amount of time. But maybe just the alphabet?

More texts came in leaving his concern behind, an audible chuckle rang out, quickly swallowed up in his small living quarters.

That’s definitely possible. I’m sorry your brother can’t go with you but I can certainly help support you.

May I first ask your name, age (for legal reasons only) and when you’d like the date to take place? I’d also need to know the dress code and location.

He sent the text, ignoring the offer to pay extra. The charge was the charge and that was final. He wasn’t out to take all of the weak’s money but just a bit for his time and compassion. He figured he’d follow up with another text to explain.

I think it’s only fair that I know your name as you know mine. It can be a fake name if that’s what you’re comfortable with. Once all the formalities are out of the way then we won’t have to talk about them ever again.

They were long texts, but that was okay. He didn’t need to be a psychic to know that they was nervous. That sort of reaction was natural.

'Help support you.' The wording was kind, and Ava smiled slightly to herself as she read through his texts, responding with a little more confidence then.

Oh of course! Sorry, I forgot my manners.

My name is Ava Adler, I'm 26. I was thinking maybe on Thursday night? It's a little bit more formal than fast food or anything like that, but there isn't a dress code.


Ava. So, a woman. Younger than him but not by much. She seemed nice... like she truly just wanted someone with her to boost her confidence.

Thursday gave him enough time to try and learn the ALS alphabet.

that’s perfect. I can’t wait to spend some time with you Ava. Don’t be nervous. It’s natural to want to reach out when you’re feeling this way. Text me the pin location and I’ll meet you there?

He could always rent a car and pick her up as well. No one wanted to see the inside of his van seeing as it coupled as his living quarters, work space and mode of transportation most of the time.

I’ll make sure to notate NOT to wear sweats. ;)

He sent, hoping it would make her smile and feel more comfortable with him.

With her chores done, she had settled down on the couch when the next text came through, left blinking at the phone and looking almost embarrassed though she was home alone. His words were sweet, reassuring, gentle, they soothed her, and while she knew he would be getting paid to be so kind, she hadn't given him anything perhaps it was genuine? Could he really be so kind?

Thank you. I'll send the pin.

Moving to her maps app, she sent along the pin and only then noted his next text, laughing softly to herself and smiling at the notion of him wearing sweats to dinner.

Greatly appreciated, haha. And bonus points if you wear something green. It's my favorite.

Had he really made her feel comfortable enough to joke back?

There it was! Nox truest believed he was able to make her at least smile.

That means I get to go shopping! I’ll be the one waiting by the door looking like I stepped out of a Lucky Charms cereal box. Now I really can’t wait.

Sincerely, your Lucky Charm.


Another laugh echoed out, and she covered her mouth, realizing that it was likely a bit too loud given how it has burst forth from her lips, shaking her head and smirking softly at her phone.

You're silly. You're supposed to be making money, not spending it.

She reminded him dutifully, ever responsible.

I'm sure you've been on plenty of blind dates, but I'll I'm your first deaf date.

A pause, and then.

Oh, also, do you like sweets? What is your favorite?


Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Besides, this sounds like fun.

And Nox wasn’t one to pass up on fun. In fact, it was what he lived for. It was the reason why he did so many things. If people asked, he’d always say he was a personal trainer (which he was) but a freelance digital artist. This job was always word-of-mouth or a small add that ran on Friday’s in the local ads.

Being deaf doesn’t define you. I’m excited to see who you really are.... oh and of course I do! I like chocolate covered anything.


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