____ Guinne, Witch, Female, 29 -35
Face Claim: Open, but I imagine Imogen Poots or Zazie Beets

Logan's pack has shared a relationship with the same coven of witches for generations. As the heir of her coven, and as the heir of his pack, Logan was promised as her familiar. He broke that tradition and earned exile to follow Marlene to the Americas. Which, I'm sure, stung quite a bit, though the reasons for that sting I leave to your interpretation. Keep in mind that Logan and Miss Guinne would have grown up around each other, and were inarguably close by choice or/and circumstance. Linked romantically at one point, I imagine, but never anything serious on his end. Hearing of Marlene's death, she's made her way to Portland to find Logan and bring him home. He'll be dead before she gets the chance, but his murder will likely incur some kind of retribution. ____ McBane (below) is now her familiar.

____ McBane, Bear Shifter, Male, 35-37
Face Claim: Open, but I suggest Richard Madden for resemblance

Logan's younger brother. Headstrong. Stubborn. A McBane through and through. He and Logan would have been inseparable, so his brother's exile would have left quite the mark. Lots of resentment. He was forced to step into the role of heir, and took his place as ____ Guinne's (above) familiar. Which suited him fine, considering he's in love with the girl. He's followed her to Portland to find his brother, but also, to safeguard his position. Again, Logan will be dead before he gets the chance, but he'll have to help/protect/dissuade Miss Guinne from whatever plans she concocts.


For both parties, Portland will be a taste of freedom unlike anything they've experienced. Will they forget about revenge? Will they get lost in the hedonism the city has to offer? That, dear grimmers, is up to you.

If you feel this is something you might enjoy, just hit me up on discord and we'll have a chat. xxxstarling#6389