Predatory Fog

Cannon Beach 

 Growing up on a Northwestern inlet brought a nostalgia to the jagged rock walls and damp mist of Pacific beaches. The great cliffs rose tall enough to be the ocean’s bowl, and a steady rain fell in spattering sheets across the sodden dunes. Trading the lush summer-bloomed forests for a stroll along the sand, Killian had chosen to shift towards the top reaches of Cannon Beach across from the Sea Lion Rocks.

 While relatively reserved, it wasn’t as private a place as the deep wilderness a state park had to offer. Still, the wolf was of a mind that the early-afternoon storm would chase most beach-dwellers home. No one wanted to climb the slick, sharp tidal pool ravines anyway. Thoroughly drenched, Killian’s pelt stuck out in uneven spikes, stiff from the brackish air.

 Stopping on the top of a flat rock, he peered into a small, carved lagoon and watched a pelican stalk the waves overhead.

Not far from Killian. Sorry for the crappy post >.<

She had been stuck out in the rain. Her old vehicle breaking down in the rain. It had made her angry, slamming the hood a little too hard causing the whole vehicle to shake and creak. Kenna knew she needed to let off some steam - her wolf restlessly pacing just beneath her skin - and what better way to do that than go for a run? With a sigh, she took her keys and messenger back before locking up and crossing the street to head into the forest. Just the damp scent of the tree back and dirt was enough to calm her temper. There was something else there. Yes... the salty scent of the sea. Of course. She was near Cannon Beach where her bounty supposedly lived.

She hiked for what seemed like miles before the sound of waves drowned out all other noise caused her to stop. This was good enough. A place filled with water and hopefully creatures to hunt for an afternoon snack. Yes, this was what she needed. She set her back down underneath a bush next to a large Douglas Fir, hidden amongst the roots. It wasn’t too far off from the edge of where the forest met the beach. Next came her shoes and clothes. Kenna made quick work of prepping for the change and before long, she was down on all fours, willing the beast to come out and play. It didn’t take much tempting.

Soon, her bones broke and re-formed and dark fur sprouting from her skin until a black wolf replaced the seemingly weak human that had been there before. The change was quick, fueled by her anger and need for release but it was not silent. With the sound of the waterfall, she was unaware that another wolf was near. Vulnerable in her state of change, she shook the last remnants of “human” from her body. And followed the sound of the waves.

Dirt gave way to sand, tiny particles wedging themselves into the crevices of her paws. For a moment, she hesitated, feeling exposed. This was not the wolf’s “claimed” spot. This was not where she normally hunted. This was some place different. Muzzle lifted, taking a few quick sniffs informed her there was another here. Instantly, her curiosity peaked.

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