I don't need anyone, but I need you.


Chick sat in her chair, one leg folded up to her chest, the other outstretched over the desk while she was hunched over her phone. Cigarette in hand, she typed quickly, not missing a single key. Intent was her drive, preventing any hesitation and typos.

I need an escort. Ew, not like that. You gotta car? I need a car. Got $300 for you.


Nox was just finishing up with a client. A personal training client. He had so many different ones, sometimes it was hard to keep up. Fitness, digital art, photography and companionship. Sometimes he thought about making the pool a little smaller, but then he would get bored. A bored shifter was not a particularly good shifter.

He kept both her personal phone and his companion phone on him for these purposes. Brows creased at the persons message, then laughed as his mind certainly went that way. Perhaps he or she could have phrased it a little better, but then it would not have him smiling and replying in such a good mood.

Are you just planning on taking my car or do I get to accompany you in it?


Tweezers in hand, she gently grabbed the abdomen of the dead moth Ever so carefully, she puzzled pieced it out of the jar while she took another pair of tweezers to stretch out its closed wings.

The ding of her phone sent her flinching, ripping the corner of a wing entirely off. She took a deep, angry breath before slamming the specimen on her desk before she quickly reached over to lower the volume on her phone. How the hell did it get so high.

Eager eyes read through the text message before it sent them rolling back into her head. Good god.

Don't be dumb, I need you and the car. When can you meet?
I need you during daylight hours preferably.


Oh. They were a sassy angry thing. Nox couldn’t say he didn’t Iike that. He just preferred more detail as to what he was going to get himself into. Did he need to prepare? What should he wear? Was this a get out of Dodge sort of situation? He was still all smirky smiles when he replied back, settling himself on a bench in the changing room.

I can meet this weekend if you can. Although I’m very excited to meet you, I would like a little more detail as to what you need me and my car for? Is there a dress code? I don’t even know your name or if you a man or a woman.... ;)

Because honestly, Nox was not picky. Any company was good company in his book.

Chatty Cathy with so many questions. She looked down at her ripped moth while she thought of a reply, her foot tapping rapidly on the hard wood floor. A slight smirk peeled across her lips.

Chatty, ain't cha? Wear your best suit. We are visiting a wealthy friend of mine. Let's meet tomorrow at 3pm. I will send over an address to pick me up from. Call me when you arrive. Name's Chick.
Any other questions?
(Location Pin)


Nox was already getting into his locker and taking out his bag and head to the shower. His shirt was off, and the only thing he was wearing was a towel and shower shoes. He was about to hop in under the luke warm stream of water when his phone went off again.

So is that a code name or an actual name? If so, can I be Milo?

He asked, assuming it was indeed a chick that was messaging him. Most men didn’t have this sort of... flaming personality. While he texted back, another message from her came in. Interesting. So he’d have to Rent-A-Car for the event as he sure as hell wasn’t picking her up in his van/living quarters. that was just too personal.

He set the phone down and hopped in, letting the water chill his too-warm skin.

????? Be whatever the fuck you want except late.

This dude. What was she getting herself into?

Chick brought her hand to her face and massaged her forehead.


Rude. But it still made him chuckle on the way to his car. She was certainly head strong. Nox hoped the $300 was worth it.

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