Give it Up for the Birthday B****h

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She couldn't believe that she actually allowed this to happen. Her place was thriving and all because she created a birthday special in honor of her birthday. BOGO on all drinks and appetizers from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM. It was a slow start because people were just getting off work, going home to change and then head this way, but at least they were here. It was chilly outside, the breeze making every come in from the few seats she had out front of the shop to the dimly lit interior.

She had placed fliers all over Astoria and surrounding towns. She even ventured as far as Portland to make sure people came. Not for her birthday, but because she wanted this place to be known. Farrah wanted it to be a staple in the area and somewhere people favored. She was greedy in her search for power in all aspects of her life, but she also liked the fun of meeting new and interesting people. Especially when she worked behind the bar searching drinks and bringing things out from the kitchen.

The staff were few in numbers as the place was quaint, but they worked hard and made this place successful. Soft music was playing on the surround sound speakers in each corner. People were enjoying themselves. Farrah took a sip of her dry Riesling, a small plate of cheese sitting next to her hand on the bar top counter waiting for a customer to catch her eyes and wave her over.

The mainland certainly had its surprises. One of the new hires at the library was blessed. How she knew that, Vee wasn't certain, it was just a feeling. Normal people didn't give off the same vibe was her interpretation of it and it just felt surreal whenever she ran into someone that was also blessed as she hadn't quite learned the common term for what they really were. She just knew they were like her though she had heard the term witch float around and she wasn't sure how she felt about that given the negative connotations often associated with it. Regardless, it was something that kept Vee on her toes as shy as she was, it was just a relief to know that her family wasn't alone in this.

Talking to the others was a different matter unless they were a little more aggressive. She did alright at work, she was there to help people but small talk was terrifying when it was personable and there was nothing to hide behind unfortunately. Still, this was her first time out of Alaska since moving to the states twenty-one years ago, so she wanted to make the most of it. Which meant exploring her surroundings, which she could do as long as she wasn't interrupted. Vee was admittedly skittish but she was working on her boundaries and a small town was more her jam compared to the hustle and bustle of the city. There wasn't hordes of people and cars everywhere so her anxiety levels were significantly lower.

She had seen fliers around Portland about a shop in Astoria - wine and cheese, which was right up her alley. She wasn't one to drink often but she did like a glass of wine every now and again and she didn't have anything else to do this weekend. Her little sister was off with friends. She didn't really keep tabs on Wonder honestly as she was a grown adult now but she did worry text her several times if she was out too late. After she entered the establishment, she noticed that there were quite a few people around already at the cute little round tables. The atmosphere was nice - the music wasn't too loud and people had room to breathe. Vee soon settled in at the bar and waved at the person manning it awkwardly.

Normally she went with others for this sort of thing but she didn't know anyone here so naturally that meant she had to do everything herself. She offered the other woman a smile, hoping she wasn't bothering her as there were other customers outside of Vee who probably fit in more with the ambiance than she did in her t-shirt and jeans. Regardless, she waited patiently and kept her purse handy just in case they carded her. It tended to happen a lot...

Farrah was nearing the end of her little cheese plate when she caught a woman waving to get her attention out of the corner of her eye. She swallowing, realizing all too late that she should have chewed that piece of cheese a little more thoroughly than she had. It felt like it was stuck in the middle of her throat. She straightened, grabbing her class of wine and raising it to her lips to help wash it down, before heading over to the other customer.

"Hello! Welcome to Corkscrew Wine & Spirits!" she said rather cheerfully. This place was literally her whole life, her pride and joy, and her source of income. Plus, today was her birthday! Why wouldn't she be cheerful??? She grabbed one of the laminated menus that had a front for wine and back for small plates that their kitchen served to go with the available drinks and leaned against the bar. "We are running a birthday BOGO special today if interested. Do you need time to look at the menu?"

Farrah handed the menu over as she spoke, smoothing out her skirt with her free hand as she looked into the woman's face. Woman didn't seem accurate enough as she looked fairly young. Thankfully, Farrah didn't have to card her unless she ordered something with alcohol. She was half tempted to let that rule go for the night, but seeing as she neither wanted to get arrested for providing alcohol to a minor, not wanted to get shut down, she reminded herself to follow the rules.

It was then that she felt that familiar tingle on the back of her neck that told her either this woman, or the old man sitting a few feet from her, was a witch. She hummed quietly to herself, wondering who it could actually be. Curiosity was what killed the cat, but honestly, Farrah didn't care. As long as she went down while she was having fun, she was all for it.

The woman that came forward was very polite and chipper. Something that Vee expected but was also not wholly prepared for. "Ah, yes, please. Thanks." she nodded with a smile as she accepted the menu gingerly. The menu style was nice and fit the ambiance and decor of the bar. It was a small detail but one that didn't go unnoticed as Vee glanced over the options. BOGO, huh? Well, that meant she could stand have a drink or two. She was admittedly a lightweight but she knew her limits at least. She could walk around a bit more after anyway after her visit as well so it wouldn't really be a problem.

Her gaze flickered for a moment as her indecisiveness seemed to take over. " you have any recommendations?" There were a few items with name she didn't recognize - perhaps regional favorites or just drinks unique to the bar. The creativity behind wasn't liking though Vee did enjoy catchy names and puns. "I'm new to the area so I apologize for my lack of bearings." This was honestly the first bar she had been too where there wasn't a mounted Moose on the wall or pictures of whales (though that was only a specific bar in Juneau with a very peculiar owner). As she gazed back at the other woman, Vee's nose twitched slightly, recognizing the same "vibe" so to speak that her co-worker had. So...maybe this woman was blessed too?

Another one so close to where she lived now! She'd have to tell her little sister about this. Though Wonder might have suspected this already, as Portland and its surrounding areas were more populated than Alaska. It caused her head to tilt slightly, as she wasn't sure if her radar for this kind of stuff was working properly, if that's what she could call it. "I'm Vivian by the way. This is a lovely establishment." She hoped introducing herself would have her come across as less awkward. Vee was honestly not known for being the most sociable but she would try and the other woman seemed really nice.

Farrah smiled kindly at the seemingly young woman. Wine was so vast with so many people liking different tastes. It was a taste bud drink with the taste being different and unique to each individual. So of course Farrah had her own favorites, but that didn’t mean they would be someone else’s. In fact, this woman could think they tasted like dirt.

Still, Farrah offered a small shrug. "It really depends on what you like. Do you have a preference for your wine? Do you like red, white, fruity, dry, floral, crisp? If I have an idea I can narrow it down for you." Farrah loved drinking all sorts of wine. It felt like she was more connected to the Earth when she did so.

"Vivian? I’m Farrah. Thank you. I worked pretty hard on it. So where are you originally from if you don’t mind me asking?" Farrah asked curiously, wondering if she had previously been there. Again, that creeping little feeling started to nag her. There was definitely a witch nearby and she hadn’t started feeling that way until Vivian came in.

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