Blue Period

Portland Art Museum 
 It was tempting to point out that the whole problematic idea of blood purity was a good coin to toss into the well of 'no coves, thanks'. Instead content to let him tell his story without her opinions thrown in at her leisure, finding some solace at least in the lack of true pressure from him - just a conversation, no need to get prickly about it.

 "My family made a decent social reputation for themselves out in Washington. I'd say that the same sense of purity prevailed, but no one ever dared try to marry outside of the local pool of like minded individuals, so I can't confirm." But that sort of holier than thou mentality had the Durand stink, as far as she was concerned. "It was all very elitist. Which, I guess ... I understand it's a gift but it's not a skill any of us earned. It's just a birth lottery."

Jaimie nodded in agreement, absently rubbing his five o’clock shadow.

"I agree. Though what someone can do when they win the lottery is learn how to control what they have so they don’t lose control and cause unintentional harm."

Of course, he was speaking in and out of metaphors in case someone was listening Though is voice was soft, it still carried throughout the museum. Inside and outside. Though filled with art, it was hollow and cold.

"What do you say we exchange numbers and if I have this little gathering, you decide then. No pressure, of course. "

He stopped, turning to look at her, hoping for her full attention.

Unintentional harm.

 She imagined him wielding a weapon, swinging blindly in the dark and hitting flesh with that remark. She refrained from visibly wincing, but it made her inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Boots squeaking a bit as she stopped abruptly to stare at him, straightening the strap of her bag on her shoulder as she watched him.

"Alright. But if I do decide to go, I'm bringing an appropriate plus one." If, maybe - wanting to do what she could to make sure they were on the same page where her reliability was concerned.

Jamie knew he was being direct, but he saw it working not other way. No reason to beat around the bush. No reason to ply coy when he wanted to help and bring them all together. Not only for their own protection, but for the ability to connect, gain knowledge and have support.

It sounded like a good idea on his part when she said she’d also bring a plus one. Another witch. Instantly, Jaime wanted to ask clarifying questions but refrained. He would know soon enough. After a few seconds, he responded. "Deal," then offered her his number.

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