Outside, streetlights reflected off pollution and headlights reflected off roadways, lightening the night into some permanent dusk. Anyone who was not of vampiric persuasion should have been sleeping, and yet here in Theophania's nighttime bakery, business swelled with each hour. College students hunched over laptops at corner tables, spaced carefully apart, clutching their coffees and paying no attention to how fast the caffeine made their hearts beat. Tourists and hipsters keeping late nights drifted in for bread to pad their stomachs, or to sit alone for a while and stare out the window.

Theophania split her time between the front and back; she was all alone and prey to daily comas, so time was the one thing she would never waste. There was dough to prep, ingredients to order, and customers to tend.

She lifted her head as another person swept in, a bright "Welcome!" falling out and startling nearby customers who had only just grown used to the quiet atmosphere.