“From day one it was like society was this violent, complicated dance and everybody had taken lessons but me."

These characters will completely be your own. What is more exciting then a character that can't fully keep it together? No one is perfect and that is what these characters are for. If you like one of these ideas, feel free to expand it to something that is exciting and new to the site. In no way are these characters required to be related to ANY of mine if you don't wish it (though it would be interesting). All character stats are merely suggestions. If you you like the back story but hate the face claim, CHANGE IT. Feel free to alter whatever you like. I know sometimes it's hard to come up with a character on your own and that's what these guys are here for. All personalities can also change 100% IC.

WARNING - Some characters might have abusive backgrounds or references to drugs.

Deonte Miller - Suggested FC: Rael Costa
29 - 34 | Human
Grew up in Detroit, MI as the youngest of a family of 4. He was often reminded that he wasn't supposed to exist and that he was still there because his grandmother took pity on him. His parents often neglected him (forgetting to feed him or give him any attention) and often times just giving him some sort of electronic to go sit in a corner, shut up and leave them alone. He ended up being a troubled child: quiet but often finding himself on the wrong side of a bad situation. He's smart, charismatic, observant and self-sufficient but still gravitates toward negative people and situations. If he can't find any, then he often times with sneakily create something out of nothing be it a play on words or innocently angering someone else.

Evelyn Parsons - Suggested FC: Dakota Johnson
Up to you | Striga
Was the child of a prostitute that loved her but also saw the benefit of having a small child by her side. Grew up aiding her mother with things around the house such as cleaning, cooking, watching for intruders and greeting customers. One customer came in on the night of a full moon and being a new shifter, shifted in their house killing her mom and scratching her. Terrified, Evie hid for 48 hours, scared the creature would come back. She lived as nearly a wild shifter for several years before a Striga took pitty on her and took her in, protecting her from other shifters who thought she was a danger to their life style. She was turned into a Striga and since then, has lived a timid life with a bias against shifters (for abandoning her when she needed help the most). Quiet and innocent until cornered, hungry (as she was often hungry as a child) and threatened by a shifter.

Adopted by Bones <3

Payton Hendrix - Suggested FC: Joseph Cannata
32 - 35| Born Wolf Shifter
I would like this guy to be Kenna’s older brother. He was always the star child of the two. Cruel, sarcastic, and determined to be be too dog (literally) from day one. He had a soft spot for his sister that turned into him attempting to toughen her up in any was possible including unconventional fights. He’s used to getting his way and revenge and trickery is not above him. Is loyal to his own, unless it benefits him. Not above killing or injuring others to get what he wants. Aside from his twisted soft spot for his sister, he may have others that are up to you. But even soft spots can be throw to the side on his search for power and obedience.

**Please know his pack was not accepted in shifter life as their pack operated like a wild wolf pack with an alpha and an omega. You fought for power, the winner taking all**


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