Uber Me This

Northeast Portland 
Time seemed to stand still and speed up all at once. It was the watching of a clock with the hands ticking past second by second while watching the end of a timer for a test speed to zero. How could counting down and counting up be viewed so differently? Like the counting of her phone Uber app telling her how long the drive actually was. It felt like she had been driving this person around for twenty minutes, and yet it had only been five.

She pulled over to the side fo the road, letting them off in a popular hangout area in East Portland. Her phone went off, letting her know there was someone else nearby who needed her service but Ever refused to look at it until her current tenants vacated her Kia Optima. "Thank you! Have a great evening!" she called out to them, hoping they heard her as they slammed her poor car door shut. She huffed, wondering how people could be so ungrateful. Then again, she grew up that way. She had the best of everything. Spoiled, some would call her. She liked to think it was acutely taking advantage of her surroundings.

She took precious minutes to clean up the few bits of trash the last people left; gummy bears packets and some sun flower seeds. Gross. Only when she got back in the front seat and closed the door did she take a minute to look at her phone. A cool, that place was only a few minutes from her. Turning off her hazards and putting on her leg blinker, she pulled out into the hustle and bustle of night traffic. So many people were out tonight that she hoped when she called it quits that she would have at least $200 to pocket.

It didn’t take her long to pull up to where she was supposed to be, again hitting her hazards and easing to a stop before telling her patron that she had arrived. She bit her lip, knowing she was a few minutes late, but whatever. Ever only hoped that the person wasn’t shit-faced and that wherever they were going wasn’t terribly far.

The roar of nightlife was but a simple murmur in the back of his mind, drunken altercations in the distance, vibrations from the clubs close by; it was too easy. Lucian's mind was honed on something far more important. Hunting. The throb of heart beats was enough to taunt his fangs, which were soon forced back with a slick slip of his tongue along his extending canines. A slow, sadistic smirk pulled up along his lips as he noticed a seemingly stranded woman, a sheep who'd lost her flock. Again, too easy. There was no chase to sense. What was the point of hunting if there was no real chase, no thrill? Lucian was nothing if not controlled, feeling his hunger nip at him had become a usual feeling; until he found the perfect prey. Hunting wasn't just to feed, it was for sport.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't be too long before dawn. Illuminated blue orbs scanned the street as his large, powerful figure remained looking perfectly relaxed, the bottom of his right boot pressed against the cool bricks behind him. The street lamp shed enough light to expose his stature, but the shadows concealed his distinct features. Long black hair was slicked back in it's usual manner, slightly swept to the right. Just as his plan to leave had entered his mind, he noticed a car pull up. With a quick glimpse he took in the attractive woman in the driver's seat. After allowing his tongue to snake out along his lower lip, he began to shift his weight.

Some time had passed, but nobody had approached the vehicle. Usually, he'd walk home, but this opportunity was presented to him, why not take it and see where it took him? A callous smile grew as he thought of a few routes he could force; only time would tell. Making his way over, his stride was precise, unyielding, it was as if he had an air about him. Dressed in worn dark jeans, a worn leather jacket and a faded black v-neck t-shirt with military style boots, he certainly didn't appear like the type of person to carry several hundred dollars.

Reaching the car, the male slipped into the back and eased into the seat with a casual grace. "I see your customer must have found another way home. I need to go to Tillamook, I'll make it worth your while." There was no mistakening the deep, silk like voice that emerged from his lips. His focus never left her, in fact, he studied her face with a keeness. As if to prove his point, several of his notes were pulled from his pocket in a subtle motion before leaning one long arm toward her, offering the notes. "Amber St." Once more, he settled himself back in the seat, his posture almost caused the seat to dwarf beneath him.

Everly was just going through he music on her phone when the back of her door opened and some very tall man got in. She jumped, glancing back to see the man was heavily tattooed and taking up nearly her whole back seat. "Um....hello?" she said as the door closed and he started to speak. She didn’t even look at her Uber app to see if someone needed a ride nearby or not. She apparently had a customer!

"I was just dropping them off..." she said, reaching up and pushing her hair behind her ears, her honey brown eyes quickly roaming over him naively. "Tilla-what? I’ve never been there," she admitted. It sounded like it was far. Everly plucked her phone from the air vent holder she had it in and put in “Tillamook” on the GPS. HOURS away? HOURS???

"You can’t be serious," she said with a small, nervous laugh. That w a long ways away from someone who basically stayed in the Portland area. Specifically North Portland. It was where she was comfortable and knew the ins and outs of every street. Tillamook was basically asking to get lost and possibly kid napped. He flashed her money and her eyes got big, no question of whether the money was counterfeit or not.

"Oh.... I suppose I can make time for that as long as you promise not to kill me," she rhetorically said with a teasing smile before telling GPS to route her to Tillamook. "What music do you want to listen to?"


A devilish smirk hid behind his gaze; his orbs illuminated with a hint of amusement as he watched her inspect him, daring her to continue to do so. It didn't take long for her to realize the depth of his request, considering how long it would take her to drive there, let alone the drive back alone. "Deadly," He added in an almost quiet manner, his low tone was deceptively relaxed. At least his cash seemed to convince her, it must have been her lucky night... At least in her mind, or so he assumed.

A genuine snicker left him the moment he heard her question, oh if only she knew. The male didn't move or attempt to get more comfortable, he simply remained as he had when he'd first leaned back. "Music?" His question reminded him, of course she'd want to speak to him. Most of his days were spent in silence, that would soon end when his bar opened up. It couldn't hurt to practice.

"That depends on mood. I favor something I can feel the vibrations from..." It wasn't false, he enjoyed heavier music. Anything with a heavy bass tended to lure him in. "Why music?" Slowly, he tilted his head as he watched her, one hand rested on the door as the other settled on his left thigh. Lucian wondered if it meant a lot to her or if it was just an easy topic. Pulling his phone from his jacket the male scrolled through a few apps before hitting play on a song, showing her rather than explaining further. While the song played, his gaze lingered over her features curiously.

What he hadn't told her was he planned to pay her double once they arrived, if she could handle him for a few hours.

"What's your name?" It seemed more of a request than a question, it was almost difficult for him to turn off the commanding nature he was accustomed to.

Everly bit her lip, glancing in the mirror to look back at him. Her foot rested on the break even though the car was in park with the hazards on. "Yeah music. Most people are into talking so I just put in their favorite music and it gives me better tips..." she said, biting her bottom lip after and shrugging her shoulders. One hand reached forward, fingers gently caressing her leather steering wheel.

When he pulled his phone out, she paused, putting hers down and glancing back. Soon, music sprouted from his speakers, filling her quiet car up. She listened to the emo lyrics for a few seconds, knowing that the music fit him. "Does it speak to you on some level or you just like it?" Everly’s voice was higher than normal as she was genuinely curious music meant different things to different people. She wouldn’t be shocked if it meant something to him. He seemed like someone who had been through a lot. Not that she’d ask what he’d been through lately.

"Sorry," she offered, feeling embarrassed. Normally the Uber app introduces her and she didn’t have to. She plugged in the Tillamook info into her app so she’d get credit for it before starting her GPS and placing her phone back in the vent holder. "Everly. And you are?" she asked, hoping to get his info so she could later plug into the app for further descriptions.

A smirk took hold of his lips that gave his features a hint of a menacing appearance. "It's smart to do." He agreed in a somewhat relaxed tone. He noticed how she began to caress her steering wheel, the soft sounds of the leather against her skin almost distracted him until he heard her question. "It speaks to me on several." There were a few lines he felt as if the song had read his mind, or his past. Death before dishonor, it had become his way of life. The pitch of her voice certainly drew him in, she was genuinely curious it seemed. So, he would indulge her.

"There were times in my life when I was reckless, wild." A glint ignited in his gaze as he stared toward the road; it was as if he was staring through anything in their way. "This song remains a caution of what happens when we become reckless." His canines itched to grow, the hunger slamming into him as it's own force, as if the demon within him was clawing to escape. "Then again, we're all animals in one way or the other." A soft scoff left him as he heard her apology, "Don't apologise for being curious. I find it endearing."

"Everly, nice to meet you. Lucian." He offered a bow of his head in appreciation as he noticed her using the GPS. "So, Everly, what is your choice of music?" His gaze drifted over to her, etching her face into his mind. She smelled appealing, she'd most likely taste the same way, aside from the obvious enjoyment of blood. However, there was no chase, maybe after this trip there would be a hint of threads to pull. It depended on how much he could draw from her.

After slipping his phone back into his pocket, Lucian leaned one arm on the passenger seat, his tattooed fingers brushing against one another as his mind wandered. "Once we get to the main road into Tillamook I can guide you, the GPS may not have all of the back roads down, it'll cut some time out of your journey." His senses honed into her heartbeat, attempting to pick up any change or hint of fear.

Everly turned off her hazards and turned on her blinker, signaling that she was about to merge back onto the road. A small glance in her mirror was given as she looked back at her guest. Lucian. "Thats not a name you hear all the time," she stated. Her voice was not skeptical, but rather quite the opposite. Lucian was a name linked to paranormal activity and that interested Ever. She, herself, believed in a Wiccan life. In fact, she had several crystals in her car just to create positive energy.

So his name paired with the fact that his choice of music was derived from a wild soul, greatly intrigued her. Everly merged into traffic, quickly catching up to those around her. Her GPS chimed at her to turn right at the next stop light, the voice distinctly Australian and male as opposed to the normal Siri. "I like Indie and Pop Rock generally." Like Christina Perri. Everly didn’t go into that much detail, much rather preferring Lucian to talk about himself. She wanted to ask about his tattoos, but didn’t. Not yet.

She nodded, wondering if he could even see her from the back. A small glance back told her he was already getting comfortable in her small car, making her a tad jealous she was driving and not sprawled out herself. "So would you say you’ve grown out of your wreckless, wild self?" she asked, unable to produce air quotes with both hands on the wheel so hoping her change in tone would do.

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