The city of Portland is served by the deepwater Port of Astoria, a land of salt-weathered people and cold, briny air. Astoria is the oldest city in the state of Oregon, with numerous restaurants and businesses lining the coastal piers. Astoria is located on the south shore of the Columbia River, where the river meets the Pacific Ocean. A quiet pocket of activity a couple of hours drive outside of the city.

Points of interest include:

The Astoria Column: Standing 600 feet above sea level and offering spectacular view of the city, the Astoria Column is one of 12 monuments built to honor Astoria’s early settlers. Every night, as its light turns on, it reminds Astoria residents of the strength, pride and resolve of their ancestors. Dedicated in 1926, the column was inspired by the Trajan Column in Rome. The Column and the lovely park that surrounds it are among the most visited Astoria and Oregon attractions.

Astoria-Megler Bridge: This cantilever steel truss bridge across the Columbia River connects Astoria in Oregon and Point Ellice in Washington. It is the longest truss bridge on the North American continent. The bridge was completed in 1966 and has one line of traffic in each direction. While pedestrians are not allowed on the bridge, once a year, in October, the bridge hosts the Great Columbia Crossing, a 6.2 mile race that uses the bridge to cross the river.

The Lewis and Clark National and State Historical Parks: A series of parks honoring the famed Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804-1806. The park system comprises six parks commemorating notable sites along Lewis and Clark's voyages, including Fort Clatsop, the final encampment for the duo's Corps of Discovery. Covering diverse habitats that include forests, lakes, rivers, wetlands and the coastal regions, the parks offer a slew of wonderful recreational opportunities.

Young River Falls: Located about 10 miles south of Astoria lies Young River Falls, a 54 foot tall waterfall that flows into a pool beneath. The falls are a popular place for locals and visitors to cool off during the hot summer months, swimming and relaxing with family and friends. Visitors should note that there are no facilities or authorities nearby.

Corkscrew Wine & Spirits: (OWNED BY: Farrah McCarthy) Corkscrew Wine & Spirits is an up-and-coming winery a couple of hours outside of Portland. All beverages are brewed at local distilleries, and the shop is comprised of old and new decorations alike, including an original wooden oak door, a handmade, metal shop sign and various wood, tile and metals.

A contemporary, white-tiled bar greets patrons at their left, with wine stacked along the back wall. Throughout the small area there are high-top square tables adorned with potted plants ranging from lavender to basil and mint. The lighting is always soft and welcoming. So whether you are looking for a place to relax and taste wine or a quaint venue, Corkscrew Wine & Spirits has you covered.