All welcome

Riley wanted to take her little munchkin to the dog park after work. So she did. She packed up little Jasper after a fresh trim from yesterday, his soft black eyes no longer covered by outgrown, white fur and his face fully clean. Riley never let eye buggers stain his pelt like most owners.

The sun was peaking just below the horizon, the days shorter with fall quickly coming. It was chilly out. So chilly that Jasper was wearing a mustard yellow sweater with hazelnut buttons liking down his back and Riley was dressed in lay after later.

There was only one small dog park in North Portland, the grass scarce from use and the play area small and packed. All sizes of dogs ran around in one area, making it a safety gamble but one Jasper was okay with. He played with everyone and ran away on quick, short legs when dogs growled at him.

One of those instances was currently happening. Jasper made a beeline straight for her while a large, mixed breed came barreling after him with no signs of slowing. Hackles were raised, teeth were barred. Riley stood, not making any sudden movements as she started to speak calmly to the approaching dog. "Easy. Easy there, it’s okay," she cooed softly, but the dog made no sign of stopping. Jasper hid behind her underneath the worn picnic bench.

Before Riley could do anything, the dog smacked into her, rocking her small form. She fell back, the dog biting her ankle and pulling, yanking it’s head back and forth. She gasped, reaching down to try and get the dog off her. Other dogs were alert, running toward them to get in on the action, owners yelling, grabbing their dogs and trying to regain control. Still, the dog yanked on her leg, blood already puddling on the ground.