The months of August through October were a pain in her ass so massive that every year like clockwork she considered packing up her shit and moseying on when they encroached. Hunting season brought with it a whole slew of men, women, and their little faux redneck cherubs giggling and running through her woods with their camouflage and flashes of neon orange. Tucked up in trees and in little ravines, shooting off rifles now and then that echoed through the trees and sent birds scattering.

 Thankfully most stayed good and clear of the edge of the treeline that wrapped around her home, gave her some wiggle room for hunting. But over the course of decades she had learned good and well that there was something to be said for not pissing where you ate or in her unique circumstances - eating where you sleep.

 So it was three months spent holding breaths she didn't actually need to take, looking over her shoulder and going as long as her appetite would allow between feeds. Making due of scraps until they were close to rotting and - really, three months of nostalgia that reeked of the Midwest and made her feel cold and prickly, times she didn't really want to dwell on. Days and hours laced with a spider webbing of venom that made her tick off each one as they plucked at her temper like a vulture picking bones clean.

 She'd found a doe with a shot wedged into it's left hip, easy enough to bring down, quick to silence it's fussing with a arcing cut across the throat, planting her knee against her side when she thrashed and sneering as she waited for it to end. Well aware it was important to move quick, just a little past eleven still too early into the night to feel overly confident.

 It was a familiar routine by now, pulling the folded crumbled trash bag from her back pocket and shaking it open. Easy enough with her fingers slick with blood as she set it aside and started to saw. A deer was a deer and evolution only did so much so quickly - familiar enough with the process she could have been a proper butcher. Cutting through sinew and ligaments as she sectioned off servings. Flank, legs, organs that were worth the time it would take to cut them free from the carcass.

 Sighing as felt blindly between the ribs, staring at the trunk of the cedar in front of her as she focused on feeling alone. Her hold slippery along the liver that she grunted as she pulled free. Rocking back to sit on her behind proper in the leaves and pine needles. Looking to her full trash bag, roughly a weeks worth of sustenance as long as she stretched it and didn't cave with every slight twinge of hunger. Doubtful, but it was a nice though. Even as she caved enough to lick the blood from her palm. sucking on each finger with a pop and minding her teeth as she attention single-mindedly honed in on the unholy mess in front of her.