"Catch you tomorrow, get some rest Ava, you've earned it!" A woman in a blonde wig called to Ava.

"Uh huh, see ya then. Don't work too hard now," The brunette offered a warm smile to her colleague before stepping out from the changing room and made her way out of the club through the back. The girls weren't bad to work with, Sara especially. She and Ava had become friends through their shifts together. It was a difficult job, mainly when the clients were assholes, or when their boss decided to attempt to push them further than their morals. Most of the time, it was peaceful... For their line of work.

Since she usually worked until the early hours, Ava always drove to work, despite not living too far from the club. Light heels tapped across the asphalt as Ava tracked down her battered Ford truck; it stood out in the city, it clearly wasn't doing so well either. Prying open the somewhat shoddy door, Ava threw her bag into the passenger seat and settled behind the wheel. After several tries, it was clear the truck wasn't going to start. It happened every so often, Ava really needed to save for a new vehicle. With a soft sigh, she rested her hands against the wheel before slamming her fists into it with a burst of rage. "Come on, give me a break."

Since she'd be walking home, the brunette reached into her bag and tugged on a zip up sweatshirt that dwarfed her curved form and concealed her well fitted tank top that highlighted her assets. A pair of light jeans and black heeled stiletto boots completed her outfit, mainly because she'd forgotten to pack her sneakers. Another curse left her lips as she slipped from the truck and locked it up. The walk home would certainly serve as a reminder never to forget the change of shoes.

Despite her uneasy feeling of walking home, the nights air was almost worth it. The cooler chill of the night, the lively clubs and bars, it was as if she could just fade into the scenery. If she wasn't so exhausted, she'd be dancing at a club, and not on a pole for once.

The closer she made it to her street, the more uneasy she felt. Over the past few weeks she'd noticed various gatherings, it all seemed a bit strange. Maybe it was her paranoia creeping in, maybe she was justified. Taking a deep breath, she headed down an alley way, cutting through some time, it was almost a race to get home; her heart was fluttering in her chest as she could've sworn she heard footfalls echoing behind her lightly clicking heels.